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  • AFDW Speakers Bureau

    MISSION The mission of AFDW Speakers Bureau is to match senior Air Force leaders and Airmen from all ranks - civilian, officer, and enlisted - with interested audiences in an effort to foster understanding of the Air Force mission, capabilities, and relevance to national security.The bureau is focused on community outreach activities in and around
  • Air Force District of Washington

    MissionContingency Response, Ceremonial Honors, and Operational Support ... Across the Nation's Capital and WorldwideVisionReady Airmen, Renowned for Excellence!MottoPride ...Teamwork ...SuccessBackgroundThe Air Force District of Washington (AFDW) is a direct reporting unit to the Department of the Air Force, the office of the Chief of Staff of the
  • Air Force District of Washington A1

    Manpower, Personnel and ServicesA1 Motto: Professionals, Dedicated, ResponsiveA1 Vision: Professionals Committed to our Airmen and their FamiliesA1 Mission: Provide Manpower, Personnel and Services oversight and support to the National Capital Region and worldwide.   SummaryThe AFDW/A1 directorate is responsible for supporting more than 26,000
  • Air Force District of Washington A2

    Intelligence DirectorateAFDW/A2 Vision: Ready, Resilient and Innovative Airmen Delivering Critical Situational Awareness, Cyber Assuredness and Sensitive Compartmented Information Capabilities.AFDW/A2 Mission: Deliver Mission Critical Situational Awareness, Cyber Assuredness and Sensitive Compartmented Information Capabilities.Executive Summary: 
  • Air Force District of Washington A3/5

    Operations, Plans & Requirements A3/5 Motto: Prepared for the UnpredictableA3/5 Vision: Be the source of expertise for AFDW mission and executionA3/5 Mission: Plan, execute and support the AFDW mission A3/5 Mission Overview AFDW A3/5 Serves as the primary advisor to the AFDW Commander and staff for policy and guidance on all matters relating to
  • Air Force District of Washington A4

    Logistics, Engineering and Force ProtectionSummary Provides command guidance, procedures & resources for logistics, civil engineer, and security forces functions, for personnel assigned worldwide, supporting COCOM, JFHQ-NCR, & NCR customers including POTUS, SAF, HAF, other federal & civil agencies. Provides expertise and support to the AFFOR and
  • Air Force District of Washington A6

    CommunicationsA6 Vision: Agile! Always ready to innovate and enhance command and control, technology, cyber operations, and force readiness in support of AFDW missions.A6 Mission: Mature Information Technology Services, Cybersecurity, and Cyber Culture impacting Air Force interests in the NCR. A6:  AFDW/AFNCR Chief Information Officer (CIO).  Focal
  • Air Force District of Washington Special Staff

    Ceremonies and Protocol (CP)Contact infoAFDW/CCP (240) 612-6454/6455/6453 ----- Chaplain (HC)Contact infoAFDW/HC(240) 612-4488----- Public Affairs (PA)Contact infoAFDW/PA  (240) 612-6464----- Safety (SE)Contact infoAFDW/SE  (301) 612-5172-----Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)Contact infoAFDW/SARC(240) 612-4464----- Staff Judge Advocate
  • Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Treatment Program

     If there is an emergency please call 911Alcohol & Drug Prevention & Treatment ProgramAlcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Program4th Floor (check in at Mental Health Front Desk)1050 W. Perimeter RdJoint Base Andrews, Md. 20762DSN: 857-8950/8957COMM: (240) 857-8950/8957 -Voicemail availableEMERGENCY: 911* Fort Belvoir* Fort Meade* Fort
  • Chaplain

    If there is an emergency please call 911The mission of the Air Force District of Washington Chaplain is to provide spiritual care, counsel and to ensure the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion for every Airman.The chapels are here to support the religious needs of all Air Force members. If we don't provide opportunities for your