Please read the following!

The Air Force Memorial staff reserves the right to cancel any ceremony for inclement weather and/or future construction projects. Events (Promotions, Retirements, Reenlistments, etc.) can only take place Mon-Fri with the earliest start time of 0900 & latest start time of 1500 with a 2-hour window. There is no indoor venue in case of inclement weather! Please have an alternate venue planned.

If you would like to have an event at the Air Force Memorial, please fill out this form and send via email to .

Additional Air Force Memorial Event Planning Details

Equipment:  ALL equipment will be set-up prior to your arrival. Equipment includes Flags (US, USAF and PC if needed) podium w/mic, chairs, presentation table, DV chairs, and speaker system.

Music:  National Anthem, Air Force Song, General’s March and Ruffles and Flourishes are all preloaded on the built-in CD player. A designated representative from your team is required to play requested songs. 

Shade: Tents, canopies, large beach umbrellas, or items to create shade of any kind are prohibited.

Inclement Weather: The Memorial is an outdoor facility, ceremonies can be cancelled or rescheduled in the case of inclement weather to include rain, wind, lightning, tornados, etc. It is highly recommended to have a back-up ceremony location.  Weather calls are made 24hrs prior to event start time.

Parking:  Limited on-site parking is available. Keep in mind that the Memorial is open to visitors during your ceremony and carpooling is highly recommended. 

Reserved Parking: Each event is allowed 2 reserved spots.

Food/Drink:  For events, ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD and NO CATERING!  Also, it is highly recommended that you provide bottled water for your guests during the summer ceremonies.

The Air Force Memorial Event Team has put together useful resources for planning your event. Please click on the desired resource/template for more information!

-Air Force Memorial Diagram (Not to Scale)


AF Honor Guard / AF Band Reservations

If the honoree of your ceremony is an Air Force General Officer, coordination of AF Honor Guard / AF Band will be accomplished by AFDW/CCP. 

If you would like to request support from the AF Honor Guard or the AF Band, you must complete a
DD 2536 and email the form to the AFHG and AF Band Scheduling and Jobs Request Inbox for approval. Joint Base Andrews Honor Guard at 316FSS.JBA.HONORGUARD@US.AF.MIL or 301-981-7892.

For more information about the
AF Honor Guard or AF Band, please visit their websites.