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The Air Force District of Washington (AFDW) is a direct reporting unit to the Department of the Air Force, the office of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. AFDW serves as the Air Force service component for coordination purposes to JTF-NCR and the supporting command to Joint Task Force NCR Medical (JTF-CapMed). When necessary, the 320th Air Expeditionary Wing (320 AEW) activates and becomes the Air Force service component of JTF-NCR. Normally, the Commander of AFDW serves as the Commander, 320th AEW. Air Force Mission Directive 13 delineates missions and assigned duties applicable to AFDW in both its worldwide Air Force service role and its JTF-NCR Air Force service component role.

As one of USAF's three direct reporting units, AFDW executes Air Force operations and supports Joint Force and Inter-Agency operations in the NCR while providing superior support to combatant commanders and Air Force elements worldwide.

AFDW exercises UCMJ authority over, and provides manpower, personnel, legal, chaplain, finance, logistics, and safety support for designated Air Force activities located within the NCR, selected Field Operating Agencies, and selected Air Force elements. This includes support for approximately 33,000 Air Force military and civilian members of more than 2,000 Air Force elements in more than 500 locations in 108 countries. This makes AFDW the leading edge of the Air Force as the organization continues its never-ending support of the world's greatest Air Force.

Subordinate Organizations

AFDW is the parent command to the 316th Wing, the 11th Wing, and 844th Communications Group.

(Current as of October 15, 2021)