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  • Civilian Personnel Office

    Civilian personnel can assist in the following areas:· Employee management relations· Labor management relations· Awards/performance management· Civilian force shaping programs· Civilian expeditionary workforce· Staffing and classification advisory· Telework· Compliance and resources The Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) general customer service
  • Community Support Division

    The Community Support Division can assist you with the following programs:· Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF)· Integrated Delivery System (IDS)· Suicide Prevention Program· Resiliency and Wingman Day· Caring for People activities· Employee Assistance Program (EAP)· Workplace Violence ProgramFor more information about Suicide Prevention Training,
  • Equal Opportunity Program

    Report incidents through the chain of command or contact your Equal Opportunity Office.Contact EO to report unlawful discrimination for both military and civilians due to Race, Color, National Origin, Sex, Religion, Age and Disability (mental and physical).Services are open to military, civilian, retirees and dependents. Phone: (240) 612-6345DSN:
  • Military Personnel Division

    Military personnel and force development support section can assist in the following areas:· Promotions· Special awards/trophies and decorations· Evaluations/Air Force advisor· Assignments (STARNOM/CAPNOM)· Force development· Mission readiness training/ formal training· Civilian training· Voluntary education· MentoringTo view personnel division

    If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been:Go to a safe location. Contact the Air Force District of Washington Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at (877) 316-4689 or healthcare personnel. You may also contact your chain of command or law enforcement (military or civilian), however if you do, an investigation will occur and you
  • The Financial Domain

    Ultimately, financial responsibility means living within your means, regardless of the level of those means. So take a close look at your financial situation, evaluate you earning and spending habits, and make the necessary adjustments to put yourself on responsible financial footing.Financial Domain Toolkit Items: * Military OneSource Money
  • The Mental Domain

    Approaching life's challenges in a positive way by demonstrating self-control, stamina and good character with choices and actions; seeking help and offering help.Mental Domain Toolkit Items: * Communication toolkit * Frontline Supervisor toolkit* Frontline Supervisor Training* Tower Exercise * Change and Motivation ExerciseMental Domain Vidoes: *
  • The Physical Domain

    Performing and excelling in physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition derived through exercise, nutrition and training.Physical Domain Toolkit Items: * Healthy Eating toolkit* Physical Fitness Exercise* Nutrition toolkitPhysical Domain Videos: * Complete Airman Fitness Physical Fitness
  • The Social Domain

    Developing and maintaining trusted, valued friendships that are personally fulfilling and foster good communication, including exchange of ideas, views and experiences.Social Domain Toolkit Items: * Mock Escalation Exercise* What's in it for Me Exercise* Financial Awareness Exercise Social Domain Video: * Get up. Get out. Get social.* Family Time
  • The Spiritual Domain

    Strengthening a set of beliefs, principles or values that sustain an individual's sense of well-being and purpose.Spiritual fitness is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It's essential to an individual's resiliency as esprit de corps is vital to a unit's mission accomplishment.It includes but not limited to worldviews,