Air Force District of Washington A3/5

Operations, Plans & Requirements


A3/5 Motto: Prepared for the Unpredictable
A3/5 Vision: Be the source of expertise for AFDW mission and execution
A3/5 Mission: Plan, execute and support the AFDW mission


A3/5 Mission Overview


AFDW A3/5 Serves as the primary advisor to the AFDW Commander and staff for policy and guidance on all matters relating to operations, planning, and requirements. A3/5 is responsible for developing mission directives, operational concepts, and doctrine reviews, and leads the AFDW mission change process.  A3/5 directs operations within AFDW, maintains the 320 AEW Operations Center, plans and executes AFDW/320 AEW exercises, and collects and analyzes AFDW lessons learned.


Key Mission Areas


  • Planning and executing the HAF COOP and HQ AFDW COOP Programs

  • Oversee AFDW/320 AEW deliberate & adaptive planning processes; produce support plans & orders

    • Develop Service support plans within the National Capital Region (NCR) for Continuity of Operations (COOP), National Special Security Events (NSSEs), support plans to Joint Task Force-National Capital Region (JTF-NCR) for Homeland Operations assigned by JCS/USNORTHCOM, and support missions assigned by Headquarters, Air Force (HAF)

    • Plan, prepare for, and coordinate Air Force NCR Homeland Operations, NSSEs, Special Events Assessment Ratings (SEARs), and special/ceremonial events, to include State Funerals & Presidential Inaugurations

    • AFDW Counter-WMD operational planning & analysis, policy development, & requirements

    • AFDW Critical Asset Risk Management (CARM) Program; coordinate the Critical Asset Identification Process 

    • AFDW Treaty Compliance policy & guidance and develop plans and procedures 

  • Direct operational aspects of the Commander's Staff

    • Maintain the 320 AEW Operations Center to ensure Command & Control capability for the Service & Joint ceremonial support or contingency missions

    • Provide the AFDW/320 AEW Operations Center personnel support in all operational areas 

    • Develop training programs and train AFDW/320 AEW Operations Center representatives

    • Provide functional oversight & support to the 316 OG, to include requirements for maintenance contracts, helicopter modifications, simulators, facility support, & airfield requirements

    • Provide functional oversight & support to Command and Control enlisted personnel assigned to CCMDs, NATO, OSI, DTRA, PEOC, NMCC, SECDEF, NORAD, NORTHCOM, JOCs, the Pentagon, & AFDW

  • POM development for the 1st Helicopter Squadron, 316 OG, and JB Andrews altitude chamber (owned by the 316 MDG)

  • Monitor readiness & lead the AFDW exercise program, to include Joint & Interagency coordination

    • Develop & execute realistic training & exercises, preparing personnel for tasked missions

    • AFDW functional OPR for Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES)

    • AFDW focal point for readiness reporting; provide command policy & guidance; monitor & facilitate reporting through the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) & AEF Reporting Tool (ART)

  • Primary advisor for Operational Analysis and Lessons Learned; support & enhance decision making; facilitate effectiveness & efficiency initiatives across AFDW operations & exercises

    • Manage the Lessons Learned Lifecycle to ensure continuous process improvement

    • Analyze resource utilization through capability assessments to enhance the senior leader decision-making process

  • On behalf of the NORTHCOM Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC), provide service component support to Joint Task Force-National Capital Region (JTF-NCR)