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Air Force District of Washington A4

Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection


Provides command guidance, procedures & resources for logistics, civil engineer, and security forces functions, for personnel assigned worldwide, supporting COCOM, JFHQ-NCR, & NCR customers including POTUS, SAF, HAF, other federal & civil agencies. Provides expertise and support to the AFFOR and 320 AEW during NSSE, contingency operations and exercises.


Key Mission Areas

A4L: Logistics

  • National Capital Region focal point for Air Force Logistics Plans, Transportation, Materiel/Supply Support, Munitions, Helicopter Maintenance Management and Support Agreements
  • Provides Command-level logistics plans, support agreements, supply chain/materiel, transportation, munitions and helicopter maintenance support and guidance to Air Force Elements (AFELMS) and selected FOA/DRUs
  • Provides MAJCOM oversight, coordination and direction for SAF, HAF and FM directed A4 Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR) efforts
  • Provides AFFOR support to the JTF-NCR during NSSEs, contingencies and exercises

A4C: Engineering

  • MILCON and FSRM program advocacy: validates, prioritizes and advocates for direct mission-related Civil Engineering (CE) requirements
  • Provides CE subject matter expertise for AFDW exercise planning and support
  • Provides AFFOR support to the JFT-NCR during NSSEs, contingencies and exercises
  • Air Force Memorial advocacy

A4S: Force Protection

  • Senior Advisor the AFDW/CC for Integrated Defense (ID), Law and Order, Security Ops/Support and Mission Assurance (MA) in the NCR
  • Responsible for oversight, policy and guidance for Security Forces units and personnel assigned within the NCR
  • Responsible for the protection of Air Force war fighting assets

A4P: Integration & Resources

  • Focal point for Integration of Resource requirements including, but not limited to, Human Resources & Budgeting for A4 Staff; representing daily functional spend plan, in addition to future year projections
  • Provides support and guidance to functional resource managers
  • Administers program management for government travel charge card (GTCC) to the AFDW Staff