A1 | Manpower, Personnel, and Services Directorate

The Manpower, Personnel, and Services Directorate consists of the following divisions to support your professional requirements:


Provide Manpower, Personnel, and Services oversight and support to the National Capital Region and worldwide.


Professionals committed to our Airmen and their families.


Professionals, Dedicated, Responsive.


Civilian Personnel Division

Responsibilities include: Human Resources Policy and Oversight for the 11th and the 316th Wing Civilian Personnel Offices (CPO), Compliance and Recourses, Human Capital Framework Inspection, and Management Advisory.

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Personnel Support Division

Responsibilities include: Decorations, Enlisted Assignments/Promotions, Evaluations, Force Shaping/Reduction in Force/Selective Early Retirement, Intermediate and Senior Development Education, Officer Assignments/Promotions, Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program, STEP, Special Trophies/Awards, Enlisted Developmental Special Duty, Mission Readiness/MAJCOM Training Programs, Acquisition Funding, Civilian Training, Readiness/Personnel Accountability Program, PASCode/Personnel System Management Support, MPA M4S, and Mass Transit Support.



Senior Leader Management Division

Responsibilities include: Command Screening Board and Command Select List, Colonel Gameplan, Chief Assignments, Colonel OPB, Chief EPB, Col/Chief Decoration Review and Routing, and BG Board support.

Manpower Division

Responsible for the specific responsibilities/duties listed below: Requirements Determination, Program Allocation and Control, Organization Structure, Continuous Process Improvement. 


Integrated Resilience Division

Responsibilities include: Diversity and Inclusion, Community Support, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, Violence Prevention Program.

Diversity and Inclusion
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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
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Prevention Program
Integrated Resilience   Domestic Abuse Prevention   Suicide Prevention
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Points of contact

Office Email
A1C: Civilian Personnel Division AFDW.A1C.Workflow@us.af.mil
A1K: Personnel Support Division / Training Branch AFDW.A1.KF@us.af.mil
A1K: Personnel Support Division / All others AFDW.A1K.Workflow@us.af.mil
A1L: Senior Leader Management Division AFDW.A1L.Workflow@us.af.mil
A1M: Manpower, Organization & Resources Division AFDW.A1M.Workflow@us.af.mil
A1Z: Integrated Resilience Division AFDW.A1Z.Workflow@us.af.mil