Air Force District of Washington A6


A6 Vision: Agile! Always ready to innovate and enhance command and control, technology, cyber operations, and force readiness in support of AFDW missions.

A6 Mission: Mature Information Technology Services, Cybersecurity, and Cyber Culture impacting Air Force interests in the NCR.


A6:  AFDW/AFNCR Chief Information Officer (CIO).  Focal point for communication and information operations, plans, requirements, resources, capabilities and support in the NCR.  Represents AF component interests on all joint and inter-agency issues in the AOR.  Higher HQ support for assigned Communications and Information units and personnel including AF Elements world-wide.

A6O, Operations and Spectrum Management:

  • Provide oversight and support of COOP communication & information systems.
  • MAJCOM Equipment Control Officer for the greater NCR and AFELMs.
  • MAJCOM Spectrum Manager for the AF NCR.

A6X, Plans, Policy, and Requirements:

  • Provides program and resource management in support of cyber investments.  Validates, prioritizes, and advocates IT requirements in support of AFDW mission responsibilities.
  • Directs IT policy and resources to optimally support Air Force District of Washington mission areas. 
  • Ensure compliance for AFDW network systems and IT/Cyber programs.

3DX, 1B4, 1D7 MAJCOM Functional Manager:

  • Manages the readiness, training, deployment, and utilization of the AFDW 3DX, 1B4, 1D7 workforce.