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AFPC - Civilian Career Model

Are you doing exceptional work and aspire to be the best functional expert/leader you can be? If your answer is "yes," then check out the new framework for developing civilians, referred to as the "Civilians We Need" Career Model created by AFPC.

The video is a 13-minute presentation produced by AFPC/PA in October 2022, which highlights the DAF-level roadmaps representing desired attributes developed for the Enterprise Leader and Functional Expert/Leader tracks. Use these roadmaps as guides to career decision making, today!

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Civilian Career Roadmap: Functional Experts/Leaders

This roadmap is designed for civilians who aspire to be functional experts with deep technical knowledge in their field and/or aspire into functional-specific leadership roles up to and possibly including Senior-Leader, Scientific or Professional leader positions.


    Functional Experts/Leaders Roadmap    


Civilian Career Roadmap: Enterprise Leaders

This roadmap is designed for civilians who aspire to enterprise leader positions with the DAF up to and possibly including Senior Executive Service positions.


    Enterprise Leaders Roadmap    


AFDW Civilian Professional Development Resources


    Civilian Professional Development Resources    


Civilian Functional Training (CATNIP)

Civilian Functional Training needs assessments are conducted on an annual basis. Reach out to your Functional Managers if you are not familiar with your career field training requirements by grade.


    Civilian Functional Training (CATNIP) Guide    


Civilians' Supervisor and Employee Resource Center

Explore the civilians’ Supervisor and Employee Resource Center!


    Civilian Resource Center    


Civilian Tuition Assistance Program (CTAP)

Civilian Tuition Assistance is an Air Force program that is handled by AFPC/DPCZLF, the Civilian Functional Training and Education Section. Civ TA goal is to assist civilians in their continued self-development. It can be used toward coursework at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s (including Juris Doctorate), and doctorate levels at accredited institutions listed in the DoD Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding directory of Participating Institutions. CIV TA is to be used for courses that contribute to occupational and institutional competencies, special interest needs and readiness by supporting the current and future DAF needs. Note, Installation Education Centers Do Not accomplish these duties!


    Civilian Tuition Assistance    


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