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Air Force District of Washington A2



The AFDW/A2 is dual hatted as the Director of Intelligence for the Air Force District of Washington and the 320th Air Expeditionary Wing, headquartered at Joint Base Andrews, MD.  Likewise, the Deputy Director of AFDW/A2, is also dual hatted as the Chief, Headquarters Air Force Special Security Office or Division Chief, Special Security Office located at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.  AFDW/A2 is responsible for the Intelligence guidance, direction, and oversight of AFDW units and members supporting aerospace expeditionary forces, homeland operations, civil support, national special security events and ceremonial events. AFDW also provides major-command-level support for 3800 Intelligence military and civilian personnel assigned worldwide.  The Special Security Office (A2S) is responsible for management and oversight of the Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) program for Air Force members within the National Capital Region (NCR) and selected CONUS locations.

Key Mission Areas

Provide threat indicators and warnings to the AFDW Commander, Directorates and subordinate Wing Commanders and staffs through current, relevant intelligence products and briefings, focusing on enemy capabilities, enemy tactics, enemy deployment/employment and the threat situation in the unit’s area of responsibility.


Provide intelligence and force protection (FP) intelligence to base organizations, base agencies, tenant organizations and transient units as required through maintenance of situational awareness and oversight of Air Force assets for missions within the National Capital Region (NCR).


Develop and implement intelligence support to FP program in coordination with the supported Combatant Command (COCOM) air components, AFOSI Region, and MAJCOM staff elements (e.g., A3, A5 and A4). Maintain an installation FP-focused intelligence training program tailored to the unit's mission, weapon system, projected contingency or AEF tasking and base/deployment locations.


Rapidly disseminate significant and critical intelligence to unit leadership, battle-staff, operations personnel, mission planning personnel, crisis action team, subordinate and lateral units, higher headquarters and other appropriate agencies, as applicable.


Oversee AFDW intelligence integration with JFHQ/JTF-NCR during Homeland Operations, Civil Support Operations, National Special Security Events (NSSEs), SEARs and other designated special/ceremonial events. 


Provide current intelligence, pre-mission, and threat briefings, along with  all-source fusion analysis, in support of aviation operations to include: 320th AEW missions/tasking’s, 811th Operations Group and the 1st Helicopter Squadron.


Provide relevant intelligence threat information, products and services to subordinate units, to include geographically separated units (GSUs), units without an organic intelligence capability, AFRC-associated units and tenant units IAW MAJCOM guidance. 


Liaise with NCR intelligence analysts, and other relevant law enforcement, counterintelligence and national intelligence agencies.

Provide intelligence support for AFDW activities related to Counter-Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (C-CBRN) planning, analysis, and response for the NCR JOA.

Responsible for management and oversight of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Security Management program for (NCR) and selected CONUS locations. 


Oversee SCI security management comprised of 6 distinct core functions which are Personnel Security (PERSEC), Physical Security (PHYSEC), Information Security (INFOSEC), Industrial Security (INDSEC), Security Education and Awareness Training and Cyber Assurance.


Responsible for SCI indoctrinations and debriefings, and also performs foreign travel briefings for SCI cleared individuals.  Liaison with DoD Central Adjudication Facility (DoD CAF) for all adjudication issues.


Maintains oversight and accreditations of SCI facilities (SCIF) and Temporary Secure Working Areas (TSWA). Responsible for Staff Assistance Visits. Liaison with with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Accreditation Management Branch for all SCIF related issues.


Controls and brokers all SCI documents, material and communications transmitted and/or received for serviced organizations.  Focal point for SCI Mandatory Declassification Review’s (MDR) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. 


Provides program and policy oversight as the Air Force Intelligence community regional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the NCR, acts as liaison between AF organizations in NCR and the AF Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) Enterprise run by 25th Air Force.