Air Force District of Washington A2

Intelligence Directorate

AFDW/A2 Vision: Ready, Resilient and Innovative Airmen Delivering Critical Situational Awareness, Cyber Assuredness and Sensitive Compartmented Information Capabilities.

AFDW/A2 Mission: Deliver Mission Critical Situational Awareness, Cyber Assuredness and Sensitive Compartmented Information Capabilities.

Executive Summary:  The AFDW/A2 Director is dual hatted as the Director of Intelligence for the Air Force District of Washington and the 320th Air Expeditionary Wing, headquartered at Joint Base Andrews, MD.  The AFDW/A2 Directorate interfaces and coordinates with appropriate Air Force, Joint and National Intelligence Community organizations to enable execution of nine essential tasks across intelligence, cyber assurance, and special security in direct support of Headquarters Air Force District of Washington, subordinate units located at Joint Base Andrews, MD and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC as well as Department of the Air Force organizations within the Pentagon, National Capital Region and CONUS-wide.

Mission Partnerships:  AFDW/A2 Directorate sustains strong partnerships within the Air Force District of Washington and our customers across operations, planning and decision making communities from the units to headquarters, as well as with external Intelligence Community partners in the Air Force, Department of Defense and National Intelligence Community.  Internal relationships focus the directorate efforts, and external partnerships and linkages enable collaboratively satisfying the Commander’s Priority Intelligence Requirements and support senior staff, operators, planners as well as unit level commanders, security forces, cyber professionals, and air crew with tailored intelligence mission support.  Further, AFDW/A2 enables Joint World-wide Intelligence Community Systems connectivity and Special Compartmented Information Facility access to optimize successful execution of missions from contingency responses to steady state operations.

Intelligence Operations Division:  AFDW/A2 Intelligence Operations Division essential tasks include intelligence research, analysis and dissemination; intelligence planning; intelligence operations; intelligence cyber threat integration; intelligence threat integration into flying mission; and intelligence threat integration into anti-terrorism/force protection as well as intelligence community cyber assurance program management and oversight and installation special security office operations for Joint Base Andrews, MD and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, DC.

Special Security Division:  The AFDW/A2 Special Security Division essential task is to execute MAJCOM level special security office operations for the Pentagon, National Capital Region and CONUS-wide customers.  Specific key SSO functions are special security operations, personnel security, information security, physical security, industrial security, security awareness and education and training.

Key Mission Areas

All source intelligence analysis delivers timely indications and warnings, terrorism, foreign intelligence service threat assessments, and adversary cyber threat awareness.

Intelligence planning enables intelligence integration with Joint and Combatant Command intelligence planning, exercises, and operations.

Intelligence operations delivers situational awareness and execution of Defense Support to Civilian Authorities mission and National Special Security Events.

Cyber Threat integration provides insights into adversary efforts to degrade, deny or disrupt Air Force command and control systems, and collaboratively develops mitigating strategies.

Flight Threat Integration centers around the flying mission and interfacing with headquarters to unit level aircrew to ensure training and readiness to execute mission.

Threat Integration into Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection forums, such as Headquarters to Wing level Threat Working Group forums, optimize threat awareness and posture of our forces.

Joint Base Andrews Special Security Office provides Sensitive Compartmented Information security management, guidance, and support at the installation level.

Intelligence Community Cyber Assurance Team executes oversight and compliance related to use of Joint World-wide Intelligence Communications Systems across National Capital Region.

MAJCOM level Special Security Office manages the Sensitive Compartmented Information program for the Pentagon, National Capital Region and CONUS-wide.

Management of Air Force Intelligence Community badge interoperability program ensures appropriate access to partner agencies across the National Capital Region.