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  • Un-'CoRC' your volunteer potential

    Servicemembers volunteer their time for many reasons. Some have an upcoming evaluation, others are volun-told by their supervisors, and others feel a real need to make the world around them a better place.No matter what the reason, Joint Base Andrews has a one-stop shop for volunteer opportunities called the Culture for Responsible Choices."We are
  • Not your average finance briefing

    Whether they're heard at the First Term Airmen's Center or around one's nightly dinner table, discussions about finances can either be an enlightening experience or ... the complete opposite. These financial talks don't always have to end up in tears though. By making an appointment at the Airman and Family Readiness Center here, one can not only
  • One call might disconnect your driving privileges

    While driving along Perimeter Road here, the phone rings. The point of destination is only moments away and your hands free device is not connected, but the call may be important. In a fumble to answer the phone, you slow your driving, causing the vehicle behind you to nearly rear end your vehicle. Though no harm done, this time, but that lapse in
  • 99 Airmen Soar to Perfection

    The Airmen, M-16 rifles in hand, crouch and wait silently. They scan the horizon, peering through the crisp air across the landing zone, and anxiously await the arrival of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and the aircrew' s signal to load. The servicemembers check and re-check their equipment and mentally rehearse their actions. The load of troops,
  • Woman with a heart of support

    While balancing duties as the wife of an Air Force servicemember and mother of three boys, Denise Gardner sets her thoughts on fellow families attached to the 1st Airlift Squadron at Joint Base Andrews."I think about it all the time! How can I help the families?" she said.Possessing nearly 20 years experience as a military spouse and 17 years as a
  • Drill team was the man in the middle for OKC Thunder military appreciation night

    Waiting patiently for the tip-off, the 12-man team is preparing - lacing shoes and warming up. They get into uniform, and it is almost time to start. Before heading out they pray, chant and get amped up for their performance. This isn't just a group of service members; it is The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard drill team, and the team "crushed" yet
  • Drunk driving risks freedom, finances, future

    More than one million drivers are arrested every year for driving while intoxicated and face serious legal consequences. For a military member, the repercussions of poor decision making don't stop there.Driving under the influence on a military installation seriously damages a servicemember's military career. More than 650 Article 15s for drunken
  • Band commander reflects before departure

    United States Air Force Band members will soon say goodbye to their leader, Lt. Col. Alan Sierichs, who took command in June 2009, as he heads to secretary of the Air Force, Public Affairs to be the officer overseeing all Air Force bands."Like most kids I thought I would be a major league baseball player," said Lt. Col. Alan Sierichs, United States
  • The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard: Do you have what it takes?

    After starting the day with physical training at 5 a.m., 17 Airmen post up against the walls of a narrow hallway. With pressed uniforms, a blocked hat in one hand and a canteen belt in the other, they await daily inspection.These Airmen are beginning another week of technical school, training to become members of the United States Air Force Honor
  • Tobacco use: Why do it?

    When weighing the pros and cons of tobacco use, the list of cons seems like it would be enough to scare anyone away, and yet, 27 percent of the Air Force still uses tobacco. Why?Many people didn't plan to become tobacco users. Many followed the old cliché, "I only smoke when I drink." Some use tobacco for weight loss, others for stress management.