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  • Woodcarvers give veterans support through Eagle Cane Project

    How does a block of wood become a physical and psychological support system for a wounded veteran?With the woodworkers who volunteer their time and talents to carve out a customized piece for the ones who deserve it most.Master Sgt. Bruce Stohlman, Jr., Bolling Air Force Base Joint Visitor Center superintendent, who volunteers his skills
  • Dynamic duo retires after 74 years of service

     With a combined total service in the United States government of more than74 years between them, John Sterle and Timothy Compton earned the Outstanding Civilian Career Service Awards upon their retirement Aug. 27. This was a second retirement for each of them, their first taking place upon retirement from active duty military service after 30 and
  • The last to let you down

    The flag snaps with the precise and deliberate movements of white-gloved hands. The body bearers' motions are fluid, timed perfectly, for that is what the United States Air Force Honor Guard body bearers personify: perfection. Their standards of flawlessness are set out of necessity to honor the fallen heroes they bear. "We are a part of the last
  • Honor upheld

    Among the thousands of dedicated Air Force men and women who fly, repair airplanes, enter combat, and support the force, there are a few whom we seldom think about. From formally receiving foreign dignitaries, to thrilling auditoriums full of high school students, to paying final respects to fallen comrades, the United States Air Force Honor Guard
  • Music to our ears

    From the drums and fifes of the Revolution, to Maj. Glenn Miller's orchestra of World War II, to the United States Air Force Band today, American military bands have existed to provide music for military events. "As long as there's been military, there's been music to go with it," said Lt. Col. Alan C. Sierichs, USAF Band commander. "The USAF Band
  • Achievements and awards given at Commander's Call highlight AFDW's continued excellence

    The following AFDW personnel were cited for their excellence in a variety of areas. Civilian employees, enlisted servicemembers and officers were held up as examples of achievement and excellence to their fellow AirmenAFDW Pentagon Personnel:Air Force Commendation Medal - Capt. Michelle Bottoms 2008 AFDW Civilian of the Year - Ms. Arzella Jarmon 20
  • Bolling welcomes Hero Hugs founder with open arms

    Amid the roaring cheers and applause that filled the United States Air Force Honor Guard's Ceremonial Hall during Drill Team evaluations July 7, sat 13-year-old Bailey Reese, a quiet, unassuming girl with an amazing list of accomplishments. Bailey is the founder and president of Hero Hugs, a non-profit organization that provides care packages for
  • Chief master sergeant of the Air Force shows strength, care throughout his term

    The outgoing Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force, Rodney J. McKinley will be the first person to tell you that he's not interested in legacy talk. In his recent remarks at the 2008 Airlift Tankers Association meeting he opined, "I don't care about any legacy; I just care about taking care of Airmen." In the end, those eight words are the essence of
  • Chaplain assistants play crucial role in mission accomplishment

    The phone rang in Staff Sgt. Travis Barrino's office at the Bolling Air Force Base main chapel. As he picked up his headset to answer, some subtleties easily overlooked before then became more apparent, such as the laser-etched cross sitting at the far left corner of his desk bearing the inscription beside it, "John 3:16", and the faintly perfumed
  • Captain rubs elbows with 'big wigs' at Andrews

    Captain Nestor Jimenez, 316th Wing Protocol specialist, grew up in a small town outside of Aibonito, Puerto Rico, where the roads were so dangerous his mother passed wrecks on the way to work daily. Now, Captain Jimenez strolls across some of the most inspected asphalt on earth to greet foreign dignitaries, including the U.S.