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  • JBA Marines complete Lance Corporal's Course, excel as future leaders

    As a military installation primarily made up of Air Force assets, the majority of missions coming out of Joint Base Andrews focus on its blue and white aircraft - to include Air Force One. However, unknown to the majority of personnel who live and work here, Andrews is also home to two U.S. Marine Corps squadrons.One squadron, Marine Transport
  • Joint Base Andrews members reflect on MLK legacy

    In the midst of celebrating the 26th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial day, Joint Base Andrews members paused to reflect on what MLK's journey for civil rights meant to them at the newest monument on the Washington Mall -- "The Stone of Hope" memorial that commemorates Dr. King's contributions to racial equality. "Every day we are living
  • AFDW civilian Airman shares his life as an American Indian

    Joint Base Andrews members were educated by a resident Air Force veteran on what it's like to grow up as an American Indian on an Indian reservation during an American Indian Heritage Month celebration at the Community Activity Center here Nov. 30. This year's theme was entitled "Service, Honor and Respect: Strengthening our Cultures and
  • Andrews spreads Holiday cheer with 'Parents and Children Fighting Cancer' party

    Hangar 3 was transformed into a winter wonderland Dec. 3, with festive holiday décor for the annual Parents and Children Fighting Cancer holiday party. The yearly event started 24 years ago, inspired by a Team Andrews family with a child battling cancer. "The Family Support Center director, Jeanette Ruffing, thought it would be nice to throw a
  • Paradise Lost: The Legacy of the 11th Bomb Group

    Imagine you're an Airman stationed in Hawaii, sleeping in on a Sunday morning with a balmy December breeze that caresses your body with a whisper of wind. Suddenly, the loud retort of an explosion in the distance upsets the fragile tranquility. Then come many more explosions. Then you hear the air sirens and realize that you're about to be thrust
  • Youngest Air Force Chaplain calls Andrews home

    Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Kamzan, 11th Wing Jewish chaplain, calls Joint Base Andrews home. Despite his short-lived Air Force career, the 27-year old chaplain is making a name for himself in the "Chief's Own." Revered as a leader by single Airmen during chapel-run retreats and regarded with respect and reverence by those to whom he offers counsel,
  • AFDW Airmen achieve confidence, personal insight during Chapel Wilderness Retreat

    When asked to describe how his day at Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing in New Castle, Va., was going, Airman Basic Patrick Pendergast, 11th Operations Group ceremonial guardsman, chose just one word to define his day. "Awesome," said Pendergast."The time that I've been here has helped me and the rest of these Airmen actually get out and meet
  • Team Andrews kicks off charity campaign

    Jobless rates are through the roof. Inflation and deficits are on the rise worldwide and many experts project nothing but downward trends for the economy. In these tough economic times, many families need help.Charities exist to lend a helping hand to families in need, and many federal employees are doing their part to help their fellow man through
  • Courageous Airman receives Purple Heart

    Improvised explosive devices are a real threat to every service member deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of continued combat and reconstructive operations. American and coalition security patrols, reconstruction teams, supply convoys and even peoples native to the area are under constant threat by these hidden dangers, and deployers
  • Fighting for those who fight - Air Force Sergeants Association

    "Paternity leave, patient travel reimbursement, a transferable Post 9/11 GI Bill and continued annual pay raises," said Master Sgt. Paul Grugin. "There's more too." The Joint Base Andrews Air Force Sergeants Association Chapter 102 president is passionate about AFSA, and when asked to name recent legislative acts that AFSA has had direct influence