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  • A clear head under fire earns sergeant medal

    The evening sun had just finished its daily round, nestling behind the horizon of Afghanistan's desolate landscape. A flight of HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters took off into the night sky from Kandahar Air Base, bearing alert crews en route to a rearming and refueling point that supported combat operations in the area. Flying at low altitudes over
  • May 28, 1921: The first transcontinental flight ends at Bolling

    On a Saturday afternoon, his German Junkers airplane rolled into Bolling Field. His was a well-known name and his face was often in the newspapers. He was Edward V. Rickenbacker, a former World War I aviator and the leading ace of the Great War, and he had just flown 33 hours and six minutes from Redwood City, Calif., to Bolling. The record would
  • May 14, 1920: Billy Mitchell's flying circus

    It was the greatest air show of the Golden Age of Aviation. It brought the science of airplanes and daring pilots into the popular mindset, and established Bolling Field as the heart of America's flying legions. Less than two years had passed since the Great War ended. Many forthcoming technological achievements were science-fiction speculation,
  • May 2, 1927 - The Story of the Pan-American Flight

    On May 2, 1927, the first Distinguished Flying Cross was presented at Bolling Field to the men who had flown the Pan-American Flight from San Antonio to Washington by way of Central and South America and Caribbean (then called the West Indies). They had flown 20,500 miles in 133 days. The Distinguished Flying Cross is given to a military aviator,
  • U.S. Air Force Honor Guard performs in Va. for Air Force Week

    Sight, sound and suspense all in one stop. That's what audience came to expect as the Air Force hosted Air Force Week in Hampton, Va. The United States Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team provided a powerful display of precision and discipline for crowds during two performances. "READY.... STEP!" was the command given by Senior Airman Aaron Fowler,
  • Precise Impact

    Two of the Air Force's premier performing units joined forces this week - the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team and the U.S. Air Force Band Max Impact - for the first time to showcase their skills in two joint performances in the Southeast region. The official unveiling of the routine was March 31 at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. About 300
  • AF Band makes impact with rock music

    The Air Force is making an impact on the newest generation of American Airmen via their newest performance unit - a rock and roll band with 101 years of military service and more than 234 years of musical experience amongst them. Max Impact is a group of nine Airmen, consisting of three vocalists - Master Sgts. Ryan Carson, Regina Coonrod and Shani
  • Andrews helicopter squadron '1st,' only of its kind

    Anywhere she hears the klaxon on base, Capt. Kate DenDekker jumps and is instinctively ready to run.She is one of the more than 40 UH-1N Huey pilots of the 1st Helicopter Squadron who, along with more than 20 flight engineers, have their ears fine-tuned to the distinctive alert signaling it's time to run out to the waiting helicopters and fly to
  • Osteoporosis: Not just for women anymore

    In recent years, there has been a lot of publicity about osteoporosis, or bone loss. Commercials have even featured celebrities such as Sally Field talking about the benefit of certain prescription drugs to stop or reverse bone loss. People may ask themselves, "Why is osteoporosis such a hot topic? What can be done to prevent bone loss? Are
  • Coleman twins pull double duty at Andrews

    It is said that two are better than one and for the Coleman twins, Staff Sgt. Glenn Coleman, 316th Wing Command Post controller and alternate training manager, and Tech. Sgt. Gregory Coleman, 316th Security Forces Squadron aircraft security NCO in charge, it is doubly, and undoubtedly, true. The sons of a Navy sailor, and with older brothers in the