Achievements and awards given at Commander's Call highlight AFDW's continued excellence

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The following AFDW personnel were cited for their excellence in a variety of areas. Civilian employees, enlisted servicemembers and officers were held up as examples of achievement and excellence to their fellow Airmen

AFDW Pentagon Personnel:
Air Force Commendation Medal - Capt. Michelle Bottoms
2008 AFDW Civilian of the Year - Ms. Arzella Jarmon 
20 Year Federal Service - Victoria Pittman

AFDW Bolling AFB, Md. Personnel:
Air Force Commendation Medal - Master Sgt. Delbert Champ
10 Year Federal Service - Mrs. Erica Smith

AFDW Andrews AFB, Md. Personnel:
Tech. Sgt. Tahawah Chaplin - Air Force Achievement Medal for End of Tour (11WG)

Air Force Achievement Award for the Presidential Inaugural:
Col. Matthew B. Copp (1st Oak Leaf Cluster)
Lt. Col. Robert J. Moynihan (1st Oak Leaf Cluster)
Maj. Justin R. Dalton
Maj. Brandon W. J. Deacon (3rd Oak Leaf Cluster)
Maj. Gilbert M. Kesser (2nd Oak Leaf Cluster)
Capt. Daniel O. Akeredolu (4th Oak Leaf Cluster)
Capt. Damon K. Antonetti
Capt. Timothy L. Klark (1st Oak Leaf Cluster)
Master Sgt. Michelle L. Getman (2nd Oak Leaf Cluster)
Staff Sgt. Stacey D. Barker

Not in attendance at CC Calls but scheduled to be awarded the Air Force Achievement Award for the Presidential Inaugural

Lt. Col. Herbert D. Ludwig
1st Lt. Jonathan L. Stinson (1st Oak Leaf Cluster)