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  • Dec. 12, 1949: Bolling crash rescue boats pull 19 from Potomac crash

    At 8: 41 p.m. Dec. 12, 1949, Capital Airlines Flight 500, en route from Memphis to Washington National Airport, crashed in the Potomac. The DC-3 aircraft had stalled at an altitude too low to permit a recovery. Twenty-three people were on board Capital 500. Members of Bolling's crash rescue boat flight pulled out 19 survivors from the water. That
  • 'Midnight Rocker' moves to Air Force blue -- FSS First Sergeant mentors Airmen with past professional wrestler skills

    Does the phrase, "Whatcha gonna do brotha, when the 24-inch pythons and Hulkamania run wild on you?" ring a bell? Or how about, "Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?" For most red-blooded World Wrestling Entertainment fans, these buzz phrases are synonymous with WWE professional wrestlers, Hulk Hogan and The Rock, who have since gone on to movie
  • Don't fall victim to cold stress

    Cold stress, like heat stress, can be a health risk to personnel. Cold stress can affect mission accomplishment, especially if it involves working outdoors during winter months. It is critical to be able to anticipate potential for cold stress, recognize the signs and symptoms of cold stress, and implement preventive measures. A primary factor to
  • Andrews AFB chaplains enrich Airman spiritually, materially

    Holiday spending time is here, but one Airman assigned to Andrews Air Force Base, Md., recently learned how to make the holidays even more special: by sticking to her budget. Through the Financial Peace University seminar at the base chapel, Airman 1st Class Ambier Garris, 779th Medical Support Squadron pharmacy technician, discovered her personal
  • Elmo and friends delight audiences of all ages

    Elmo and his friends, Zoe, Rosita, Cookie Monster and Grover, rocked the house, otherwise known as the Andrews Air Force Base theater, Oct.16 and 17 and treated audience members to three memorable performances designed just for military families. Both the young -- and the young-at-heart -- danced and wiggled in the aisles, sang along with Elmo and
  • Honor Guardsmen reflect on Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award

    The Department of Veterans Affairs in 2006 announced an expected 7 percent annual increase in military funeral honors for World War II and Korean War veterans - a requirement that continues to grow and is expected to peak around 2012. All branches of the U.S. military were faced with the challenge of meeting an ever-growing demand -- on dwindling
  • Sept. 30, 1960: The Last of the Great Parades

    In 1960, on Sept. 30, Gen. Nathan Farragut Twining retired from his term as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Bolling has never hosted a retirement as large since General Twining's. Flying overhead at an altitude of 800 feet were six groups of four airplanes each, representing the newest aircraft in the DOD inventory; F-100 "Super Sabers,"
  • New wing command chief wants 'to take care of Airmen'

    Relaxed and speaking softly in her new office, Chief Master Sgt. Robin Johnson, the 11th Wing's newest command chief, discussed her childhood, family and career goals for the position she assumed Sept. 1. Chief Johnson grew up in Augsburg, Germany, but calls Clarksville, Tenn., where her parents settled in their military retirements, her home. "I'd
  • Sept. 24, 1941: Music history begins at Bolling Field

    It began with a four-man saxophone quartet and has grown into the internationally renowned group of professional musicians which serve as goodwill ambassadors for today's Air Force. This is the story of the United States Air Force Band and how it came to be. On Sept. 24, 1941, the first chords of the Bolling Army Air Forces Band are heard. The
  • New 'Ironman' may soon join ranks of Air Force Band's star performers

    Once upon a time, completing the 26.2 miles of a marathon was considered the ultimate achievement for a long-distance runner, but those days have long passed into the dim memories of the aging. When the first Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon was held for 15 ambitious runners, swimmers and bicyclists in 1978, the meaning of the term "endurance athlete"