Coleman twins pull double duty at Andrews

  • Published
  • By Pacifica Chehy
  • 316th Wing Public Affairs
It is said that two are better than one and for the Coleman twins, Staff Sgt. Glenn Coleman, 316th Wing Command Post controller and alternate training manager, and Tech. Sgt. Gregory Coleman, 316th Security Forces Squadron aircraft security NCO in charge, it is doubly, and undoubtedly, true.

The sons of a Navy sailor, and with older brothers in the Marine Corps and Army, the Coleman twins rounded out the major branches in their family by enlisting in the Air Force. "My twin brother and I decided to join the military because we wanted to do something better with our lives, and we knew that the military offered an opportunity to travel, see different places and go to college," said Tech. Sgt. Coleman. "We decided to join together, but I ended up going to basic training in September 1997, while Glenn began in November of that same year."

"We joined the military because we were sick of living at home, and we really wanted to do something with our lives," said Staff Sgt. Coleman. "It was initially a joint decision, but I got guaranteed my job as a command post controller, and he went in open-general, so he left about two and a half months before I did." Their parents were more than proud of their sons' decisions. "Our parents were thrilled that we joined the military -- not only to get out of the house, but to get out on our own and make a life for ourselves."

Andrews is not the first place the Coleman twins have both been stationed together. Between 2000 and 2004, both were stationed at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo. "I hope to be here at Andrews for a while. I love the area, and seeing that my twin brother is here, why would I want to leave?" said Tech. Sgt. Coleman. "If I had to move, I would definitely want Glenn to be wherever I went."

Like most twins, the Colemans have an uncanny ability to sense what the other is feeling or thinking. "Honestly, most stereotypes about twins are true -- at least they are with us," said Staff Sgt. Coleman. "We have both finished each other's thoughts; we know what the other is thinking, and we have felt pain when the other one was also experiencing pain. One thing people may not know is that our DNA is exactly the same -- so, for all you CSI fans, keep that in mind!"

Tech. Sgt. Coleman said that reading each other's minds can come in handy -- especially when playing games. "One time our family was playing a board game, and Glenn and I were a team," explained Tech. Sgt. Coleman. "He had to describe the clue without using specific words as hints. Well, Glenn just started saying 'Ummm, umm, umm' and snapping his fingers, and surprisingly, I said the word he was trying to describe without any clue or hint! That moment even freaked him and I out a little bit!"

In their off time, the Colemans both enjoy playing and watching hockey, football and golf. "Yes, Greg and I definitely do whatever we can together -- we are best friends!" said Staff Sgt. Coleman. "I feel very blessed and grateful that I do have an identical twin. I always have someone to talk to, I always have someone to hang out with, and I always have a place to crash if something bad were to happen!"

"In all seriousness, he is my best friend, and I honestly don't know where I would be right now without him," said Staff Sgt. Coleman.

Tech. Sgt. Coleman agrees, "We were best friends growing up, and we're even better friends now that we're older. We have an awesome relationship that I think several people would want to have with their siblings. Other than my lovely wife, he's the most important person in my life."