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  • Culture of Resilience: Wingmen, Teammates Through Change

    As we come to the Capital Wingman Culture "Culture of Resilience" observation, we realize how much we depend on each other. The 2005 Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines resilience as "an ability to recover from or adjust easily to change or misfortune. " As Air Force District of Washington Wingmen, we have had multiple opportunities to adjust to
  • Innocent OTC medicine decisions can be unintentionally fatal

    Over the holidays my daughter came home from college for a visit... and brought along her germs. First her dad caught it and was out sick the whole holiday. Then, on New Years Day, I started getting sick. We did what we always do. Take day cold medicine during the day, and night cold medicine at night; supplementing throughout the day with flu
  • A culture of thanks during the holidays

    As we continue with the Capital Wingman Culture theme - a "Culture of Thanks" - there is no better time to reflect on this concept than the Christmas holiday season. Most of us were taught to say "thank you" when someone does something for us. Maj. Gen. Darren W. McDew, Air Force District of Washington commander, says "thank you" to everyone at
  • AFDW commander sends Thanksgiving message to Airmen, families

    To the men and women of the Air Force District of Washington - as you relax and enjoy the time off with your family and friends on Thanksgiving, please know that I am extremely thankful for your service and dedication. All Americans are able do the same because of the sacrifices you and your families choose to make. This is also a time to think
  • Culture of giving promotes impact, generosity

    As we close this quarter's Capital Wingman Culture theme "Culture of Giving," it's a perfect time to reflect on the lives impacted through your generosity. One of the great things about living in the National Capital Region is that it's a target-rich environment for helping those in need. Whether it's donating your money, used goods, or even time,
  • Outgoing AFDW command chief shares parting words

    So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! These are words and lyrics in a song in one of my favorite movies, the Sound of Music. It is also what is on my mind as my thirty-year career in the United States Air Force draws to a close. A lot has changed in thirty years - me, the Air Force, and the world as a whole. When I entered the Air Force the
  • Where the fallen lay

    I had an unforgettable day that I wanted to share with you. I know we've all sat around and discussed in detail why we do what we do, and if we will be willing to continue to do what we do, day in and day out through deployments, retirement decisions, job opportunities, missed birthdays, missed holidays, etc. This is something I wanted to share and
  • Care packages count!

    You may not know me, but I'm ever so familiar with you. You're my childhood friend, my long lost cousin, the person who helped me cross the street at school, the best friend I never forgot, the friend whose life was cut short too soon, the mom who attended every game, the sister who shared my room, the brother I looked up to, the dad who worked to
  • CFC: allows everyone to give minimum contribution, make maximum impact

    Fellow Airmen, this year's Combined Federal Campaign marks a historic milestone as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the CFC. Incredibly, the charity drive established by President John F. Kennedy has raised nearly $7 billion since 1961 thanks to the generosity of both civilian and military federal employees just like you.In 2010, the men and
  • AFA - the opportunities to get involved in the NCR

    When Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs Chief of Community Relations invited me to join her at an Air Force Association meeting, I thought "sure, another organization to get involved in."Erika Glon explained she was "carrying on the tradition" of recruiting a "sharp young Airmen" into the AFA just as her mentor did to her many years