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  • From the Top - Total Force

    The Air Force has experienced a great deal over the past ten years. The numerous contingency and crisis actions around the world requiring Air Force assets and assistance continue to stress the need for airpower, and the Total Force continues to answer the call. With the active component asked to do more and more, the Air Force Reserve component
  • No pencil eraser for social media mistakes

    In February 2010, Pentagon officials authorized using social networks on unclassified military computers. They believe the benefits of social media outweigh security concerns. However, operational security has always been a military constant and that has not diminished with the advent of social media. If anything, OPSEC has become more important
  • Feds feed families

    One of the best things about living and working in the National Capital Region is having the opportunity to give back to the communities that support us. One way we can do this is by participating in the annual Feds Feed Families campaign. This campaign collects non-perishable food and other items, and distributes them to food banks in the NCR. The
  • Chief's Corner - Pressure, can you handle it?

    I've heard it said pressure can create diamonds or cause pipes to rupture. The end result is based on how you deal with what is challenging your peace of mind. Those of us who work in the 11th Wing and the Air Force District of Washington will be having our compliance inspection, and for some it is a source of stress. Yet, I submit to you, there is
  • From the Top - Resiliency...What I Learned from Elasti-Girl

    I loved the movie "The Incredibles." It was a classic good-versus-evil, values-based film. I particularly liked the character Elasti-Girl. A super flexible and dedicated spouse, Elasti-Girl is also a mother of three feisty children. She could change the size and shape of her body at will, save her husband and children from evil, fly a jet, and get
  • Chief's Corner - "La Forza del Destino" ( The force of destiny)

    In life, we all have a destiny and each of us are directly responsible for charting our own course and determining our own fate. By our actions, we either float or sink, or more appropriately, fly or crash. Fortunately, throughout my entire Air Force career, I have found more often than not, that my destiny has been to soar through the support of
  • Don't lose the 'blue'

    I found myself in among a mix of 15 or so volunteer (and voluntold) junior enlisted members of Joint Base Andrews recently at an Airmen's Professional Development Course. Regardless of how they got there, every single Airman in the room was challenged that day when the 11th Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant Anthony Brinkley came to brief us. "You
  • You Can't Suck at Your Job!

    Okay, did I at least get your attention with the title? I hope so because what you're getting ready to read is important, actually, it's critical, for our Air Force to be successful now and in the future. The bottom line - everyone MUST be at the top of their game, with regards to performance, if we're going to continue to be the premier air,
  • Deployed moms, every MAJCOM has them

    Fresh out of high school and looking for college funds, I contemplated joining the U. S. Air Force back in 1992. My mother begged me to join the Navy because at that time, women were not allowed on ships, and she felt I would remain far away from combat.I thought my mom was a bit silly actually. It was as if she worried about my safety simply for
  • Consume energy conservatively

    From a very early age many of us are taught that in the grand scheme of things, it is the big picture that counts. However, after a few years of paying our own bills we soon learn that the same "big picture" is inevitably made up of many smaller ones. While these individual snapshots may not amount to much by themselves, their combined effect may