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  • Air Force leaders issue Memorial Day message

    Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz send the following Memorial Day message to the Airmen of the U.S. Air Force and their families:On May 30, 1868, the first official Memorial Day observance was held at Arlington National Cemetery to honor over 20,000 soldiers of the Civil War. Today, Memorial
  • Honoring our heroes

    In the National Capital Region, you do not have to look far to find monuments honoring our heroic Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who have paid the ultimate price in defense of our great Nation.This weekend, Americans will visit the memorials and cemeteries in Washington D.C. and throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe and
  • The Hidden Pain Among Us

    In this day and age, young Airmen are being asked to do much more than technical school trained them for. Years of combat operations, stress and pain have become the new normal. Airmen and combat operations, two words usually reserved for Air Force pilots, are now a daily occurrence for all career fields. Unfortunately, we do not always maintain a
  • Critical Days of Summer 2012: Safety is personal

    This year the Air Force has designated the time period of May 25 - Sept. 4 as the Air Force Safety Center's Critical Days of Summer safety campaign. The Air Force's vision this year is to ensure all of our Airmen have zero preventable fatal mishaps and an injury-free summer. The objective of the Air Force Critical Days of Summer Campaign 2012 is to
  • COMMENTARY: Forrest Gump and the four pillars of resiliency

    The first time I read about resiliency and its four pillars - physical, social, spiritual and mental wellness - the movie Forrest Gump came to mind. Forrest Gump is a simple man who while sitting on a park bench tells strangers about his mother's catch phrases and his exploits throughout his years. Forrest's life is full of trials and tribulations
  • PORTRAITS OF CAPITAL AIRMEN: Remembering Arlington's Airmen

    My Name is Christopher Ruano. I am a staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. I work for the Air Force District of Washington as a still photographer.I am the storyteller of the Air Force's mission at Arlington National Cemetery.Not many Americans have the chance to see, and not many photographers have the honor to cover the stories that I
  • PORTRAITS OF CAPITAL AIRMEN: Wounded Warrior's Return

    My name is Airman 1st Class Cortnee Simmers, United States Air Force. I work at the 79th Medical Wing - one of only two medical wings in the USAF. I am a medic in the Aero-Medical Staging Facility on Joint Base Andrews, Md., in the Air Force District of Washington. The ASF is the first checkpoint on American soil for the nation's returning wounded
  • PORTRAITS OF CAPITAL AIRMEN: Arlington Chaplain faces unique challenges, experiences

    I am Christian LaPaul Williams and I am a captain in the United States Air Force. I work for the Air Force District of Washington as a Chaplain at Arlington National Cemetery, Va. Arlington has a unique mission and I am proud to serve here. It's truly a life changing experience. When I first heard of Arlington National Cemetery I immediately
  • Commentary: How's the air?

    Two birds are flying on a beautiful spring morning. As they fly, they pass another bird going in the opposite direction and the passing bird asks, "How's the air this morning?" As the two birds continued their flight, after a few minutes, one bird asks the other, "What the heck is air?"A lot of the time we are like the birds, unaware of our
  • 'It's not like I'm Captain Planet or anything'

    I stopped to pick up a candy wrapper, one sunny afternoon in the park. No big deal - it's not like I'm Captain Planet or anything. Just picked up some trash.Then I saw a discarded straw.And a piece of paper.I picked them up and tossed them in a nearby bin.  My middle daughter, who is thoughtful and wise beyond her six years, saw me and stopped