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  • Commentary: How's the air?

    Two birds are flying on a beautiful spring morning. As they fly, they pass another bird going in the opposite direction and the passing bird asks, "How's the air this morning?" As the two birds continued their flight, after a few minutes, one bird asks the other, "What the heck is air?"A lot of the time we are like the birds, unaware of our
  • 'It's not like I'm Captain Planet or anything'

    I stopped to pick up a candy wrapper, one sunny afternoon in the park. No big deal - it's not like I'm Captain Planet or anything. Just picked up some trash.Then I saw a discarded straw.And a piece of paper.I picked them up and tossed them in a nearby bin.  My middle daughter, who is thoughtful and wise beyond her six years, saw me and stopped
  • Commentary: Resilience gets assist from daily activity and healthy eating

    Resilience gives you the power to bounce back from disappointments, tragedies and life changing events. Lucky for us, an old dog can indeed learn new tricks. Resilience can be learned and further developed as life throws you new curve balls. The following are two of the highlights from the Air Force District of Washington Manpower and Personnel
  • Personal resilience: Investing in individuals

    In January 2012, the Air Force provided Air Force District of Washington staff members with an opportunity to explore resilience during Wingman Day. Everyone knows that the business of the Air Force is to implement policy, execute programs, and support the war fighting mission. Yet, we spent an entire day as an AFDW Logistics, Installation and
  • Recognizing my Air Force family

    Sometimes in today's Air Force we get overwhelmed with Wingman days, resiliency training and other "watch out for your buddy" exercises and events. There might even be a tendency to sigh, roll our eyes and wait for the inevitable to be done with. But for as much as we work together, deploy together, and even play together, we need to remember the
  • Reflecting on the sculptors of my life: the miner

    "Mineral forms of carbon vary greatly," said the test prep book. "For example, both diamonds and graphite are forms of carbon. However, graphite is very weak and soft, and diamonds are the hardest gemstones known to man." Instantly, this reading comprehension question took me back to a fight over my high school English essay that tore a close
  • Just show up

    We have all gone through struggles where we've had to search for ways to get through. As a sophomore at the Air Force Academy, I found myself in this position. One brisk fall night I got an email from one of my academic advisors saying my grades were not good and unless I turned around fast, I could be saying goodbye to all of my closest friends
  • Ride the Resiliency Slopes

    Life is like a ski slope. It has smooth parts, bumps, turns, and sometimes even icy patches. Every person on that hill needs to find a way down, no matter what his or her experience level is in negotiating the terrain. Some people are better equipped to tackle the large bumps while others are content to try to avoid them. Some people are not at all
  • Resiliency is accepting change, bouncing back, standing strong

    Resilience is the ability to recover from change, misfortune or adversity. The Air Force has had to face those challenges head on. It has gone from a nuclear deterrent mission, able to rain destruction anywhere in the world, to an Air Force that transports airmen and soldiers to far-off places. The dashing young men in their flying machines then
  • More than a bun

    During my junior year at Virginia Tech, an Air Force lieutenant colonel gave me his personal expectation of females in his military. He said to me, "Our female Airmen are examples of every military member. With their hair perfectly pinned back, without a single strand of it misplaced, they showcase our military with each step they take."While I