Mental Health

Location: Bldg. 1050, 4th floor

Phone: (240) 857-7186

Patient Advocate Phone :(240) 857-8233

Provides counselling and treatment to address mental health concerns. Services are only available for AD. Please call the mental health clinic to make an appointment.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment Program (ADAPT)

Location: in building 1050, 4th floor

Phone: (240) 857-8950

Assessment, education and treatment for individuals involved with high-risk substance abuse or dependence. ADAPT services are only available for AD. Retirees and family members are seen on a space available basis. To make an appointment or to get information on how to assist a family member or friend, please call the intake office.

Intensive Addiction Services (IAS):

Location: in building 1050, 4th floor

Phone: (240) 857-8227/8088

A comprehensive, state of the art, intensive addiction outpatient treatment program, for active duty service members, retirees, and DOD family members who have substance abuse/dependence and/or gambling or other addiction diagnoses. For more information and to coordinate an assessment, please contact our Intake Office.

Behavior Medicine Service (BMS)

Location: in building 1050, 4th floor

Phone: (240) 857-8942

Assists individuals in preventing and coping with chronic disease by maintaining healthy habits including regular exercise, balanced diet, stress management, relaxation and tobacco cessation. Services include counselling and biofeedback. Available to AD, families and retirees. For information on specific classes and programs, please contact the intake office.

Family Advocacy Program

Phone: (240) 857-9680

Location: in the Family Support Center, 1191 Menoher Drive

Focuses on supporting and strengthening families through family outreach, new parent support classes and spouse and child abuse prevention and education. For information, please call the intake office.

Community Outreach and Education

Phone: (240) 857-8938

Clinical Psychology Internship

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