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  • Spring is here -- cherry blossoms bloom in Washington

    It's official. Spring has arrived in Washington, D.C. The calendar said it came a week ago. Major League Baseball says it will start locally when the Washington Nationals open their 2008 season - and their new ballpark - in a few days against the Atlanta Braves. Both Pope Gregory XIII (whom the Gregorian calendar is named for) nor Bud Selig (MLB
  • Custom tailor stitches pride into every Honor Guard uniform

    No one here expects Chizuko Lowman to recite the Airman's Creed from memory or recall what it says about duty, honor and country. That's simply because she's a civilian contractor. Instead, through her words and actions, the custom tailor lives the creed. Daily, she supports uniform requirements for some 250 U.S. Air Force Honor Guardsmen stationed
  • Writer begins military "career" 50 years after active duty service ends

    He served briefly in the Air Force in the late 1950s as a draftsman and as a petroleum, oils and lubricants specialist assigned in England. During three years of service, Robert Coram got to refuel a lot of aircraft. Off duty, however, he got into a lot of trouble resulting in three courts-martial convictions and an undesirable discharge, a type of
  • Pentagon MPF information manager adopts "paperless Air Force" as personal mission statement

    The vision of a lean, maximally efficient and largely "paperless" Air Force, originally conceived in the late 1990s and incorporated in 2006 as a guiding principle of the Air Force Smart Operations 21 office, is an interesting idea for most Air Force military and civilian personnel. Everyone agrees that saving money, trees, effort and time is a
  • Behind the bayonets: Drill Team maintains professional, personnel readiness

    Spinning rifles with precision, standing in the public eye presenting the crisp Air Force image, to support the never-ending Air Force mission of recruiting, retention and inspiration, the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team embarked on yet another cross-country journey, this time to California. The Drill Team performed at Edwards AFB, Calif.,
  • Ceremonial Guardsman buries father, follows in footsteps

    As he watched his father's ashes being lowered into the ground, a sense of relief flowed through him. His father was finally where he belonged, buried with others who served as he had. Senior Airman Dustin Woodford grew up knowing his father had served, but he didn't understand the meaning behind it until he began to follow in his father's
  • Texas teen performs with the Band

    Imagine being on stage as the lights dim, preparing to perform with 2,000 eyes focusing on you. On top of that, imagine you're still in high school and 1,500 miles from home in the nation's capital. One Texas youth did not have to imagine, she just had to prepare for it. Betty Macias, from Baytown, Texas, was the 2007 winner of the United States