• Zuhls' Rules - Leadership

    Editor's note: This is the first of a three part series designed to explore leadership, management, and synthesis of the two. The purpose is to make us better 21st Century Airmen through reflection and action. People around the world are saying our country is in "trying times" and that we've "lost

  • EVERY AIRMAN COUNTS: Treating each other with dignity and respect

    When I was a young Airman, during the heat of an intense intramural flag football game, a fellow Airman, who was frustrated that he could not stop me from advancing the ball, yelled the "N" word out loud. I was shocked and confused. Having been raised in Southeast Washington, D.C., I was certainly

  • Airmen urged to heed warning about dietary supplement

    Many of you may have heard about the article about the workout supplement, Craze. The product contains a substance that is similar to methamphetamine, or "meth," that has been linked to positive drug tests in athletes. Craze has been removed from Joint Base Andrews stores.Supplements are not

  • Are your Airmen ready for HYT changes?

    Most Airmen affected by high year of tenure changes announced in December will have one more opportunity to test for promotion before changes take effect in September 2013. If they don't make it, they'll be separated from the Air Force.Are your Airmen ready? As commanders, first sergeants,

  • Becoming a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

    Have you ever had a friend, loved one, or even just an associate who was involved in a sexual assault, and you felt helpless? Have you had the desire to help them or support them, but didn't know how? If so, you may be a wonderful candidate to become a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. When I first

  • When did your leadership light bulb come on?

    In November 1992, a new chief master sergeant was assigned to my squadron. It caught all of our units' Airmen by surprise that the new chief decided to move into the office adjacent to the bathrooms when there were much better locations behind "the glass doors." One early afternoon, I walked into

  • Sequestration is here

    By now, most Americans are aware of America's fiscal crisis. The national debt is at $16.5 trillion and rising. The fiscal crisis is driving the need for budget cuts across the federal government. The Defense Department makes up approximately 20 percent of the federal budget, so we should expect

  • The bad guy

    Who likes to be the bad guy? Do you? How many of you like to tell someone that they need a haircut or to stop chewing tobacco outside a tobacco-use area? No one likes to be the bad guy; no one likes to correct someone doing something wrong.Is it because of the confrontation or is it the fear of not

  • A snowstorm, a shovel and a lesson

    "This is a one big mess."Those were my thoughts as I peered out the window of my second floor apartment at a vast blanket of white covering the ground. The sidewalks, steps, and parking lot of the complex were buried under more than 14 inches of snow, dumped on the area courtesy of the

  • My daughter - my hero: A resiliency success story

    As we recognize American Heart Month this February, I am struck by the thought that heroes and role models don't have to be older than we are. I need only look to my 12-year-old daughter Renae. When Renae was a few hours old, she started turning blue. Within a few hours she was diagnosed with a rare