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  • Sequestration is here

    By now, most Americans are aware of America's fiscal crisis. The national debt is at $16.5 trillion and rising. The fiscal crisis is driving the need for budget cuts across the federal government. The Defense Department makes up approximately 20 percent of the federal budget, so we should expect that the DOD will have to make its fair share of
  • The bad guy

    Who likes to be the bad guy? Do you? How many of you like to tell someone that they need a haircut or to stop chewing tobacco outside a tobacco-use area? No one likes to be the bad guy; no one likes to correct someone doing something wrong.Is it because of the confrontation or is it the fear of not being liked? Over the years of my service, I've
  • A snowstorm, a shovel and a lesson

    "This is a one big mess."Those were my thoughts as I peered out the window of my second floor apartment at a vast blanket of white covering the ground. The sidewalks, steps, and parking lot of the complex were buried under more than 14 inches of snow, dumped on the area courtesy of the second-largest snowstorm on record for Wichita.Having relocated
  • My daughter - my hero: A resiliency success story

    As we recognize American Heart Month this February, I am struck by the thought that heroes and role models don't have to be older than we are. I need only look to my 12-year-old daughter Renae. When Renae was a few hours old, she started turning blue. Within a few hours she was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect - Ebstein's Anomaly.
  • A lesson in love for Valentine‚Äôs Day

    As Valentine's Day approaches, couples may be busy planning a special dinner or romantic getaway. Singles may be thinking about who to ask out or perhaps reevaluating their love life. The first century philosopher Ovid said "to love, one must be lovable." One may ask, "aren't we all lovable?" The answer is emphatically yes. However, it is much like
  • Be Outstanding -- What to Expect in a Unit Effectiveness Inspection

    Headquarters Air Force District of Washington and the 844th Communications Group will be the subjects of an official Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI) visit commencing on June 3, 2013 and ending on June 8, 2013. The UEI is the brand new inspection concept that was piloted in U.S. Air Forces in Europe and extended to Field Operating Agencies (FOA)
  • Academy grads leave legacy of diversity, inclusiveness

    From day one at the U.S. Air Force Academy, every new cadet quickly learns about Capt. Lance Peter Sijan, the only Academy graduate to win the Medal of Honor and the namesake of one of two cadet dormitories. Cadets are encouraged to read his biography, "Into the Mouth of the Cat," which details how--after ejecting from his disabled aircraft over
  • "Red"

    You could say that my Air Force career has revolved around a red pen since I joined in July of 2004. I grew up in the world of aircraft maintenance as an Electrical and Environmental Systems specialist, always with a "red" stuck in my sleeve in order to "break" an aircraft with a crimson "X." Now, as a public affairs officer, I have an "editing
  • Is it Time for a Tune-Up

    When I work with couples who are preparing to get married, one of the things I tell them is a marriage is like a car. I explain that in order to keep cars running properly, you need to perform routine maintenance. Proper vehicle maintenance includes checking the fluid levels, replacing the oil and filters, and checking the tire pressure. In
  • Pay yourself first

    My grandparents used to say to me, "Pay yourself first." Being only 10 years old at the time, I'd shrug my shoulders, give them my best thanks-for-the-advice look and say "OK." But deep down inside, I didn't really know what they meant. After all, I was just a kid with no money. Thirty short years later, I've come to have a richer understanding of