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  • AFSO 21 is a journey of excellence

    Having served in our wonderful Air Force for quite a while, I've come to realize the words "smart operations" are not new buzzwords, but words that represent a system by which we can transform an entire enterprise. It is about smart changes in the way we think and how we operate in times of rapid transformation. It is about creating an environment
  • Standing on your marks

    Upon completing my immersion briefings and tours, I can report that our wing is standing on its marks. During my introductory discussions with our Honor Guard, I learned about their steadfastness to train for and stand tall on their marks. They explained every unit member, mentally and physically prepares themselves to stand "mission ready" on
  • Face-to-face communication key in knowing your people

    Recently, the new 11th Wing commander, Col. Jon Roop, shared his feelings about e-mail to members of his staff. The colonel said he is very much a person who believes in face-to-face communication. The colonel's comments reminded me of a commentary I wrote last year about the importance of personally communicating in person with people rather than
  • Terminating your lease

    You just moved to the National Capital Region. You found an apartment to rent, signed a year's lease and moved in. However, a year later you decide to live in a different neighborhood. You find a new apartment, sign a new lease and pack your bags. You hand your keys to your old landlord, say goodbye and think that's the last you'll ever see of him.
  • Afghanistan experiences won't be forgotten

    The Kuchi girls walked across the trash-strewn ground where they lived. Their colorful clothing offered a bright contrast to the debris and the tan terrain surrounding their nomadic tribes' home on a former Soviet Army artillery range. This image exists now only in my memory and photograph, but this type of life continues for the Afghan people.
  • Little Blue Book

    On my desk is a simple reminder of what it is that we, as members of this United States Air Force, are about. A small pamphlet titled, "United States Air Force Core Values, 1 January 1997." This is my technical order for providing Superior Service each and every day. On the first page it reads: "The Core Values exist for all members of the Air
  • Season of Giving

    I want to thank all of the Airmen in the District for their contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign thus far. As of today, more than 99 percent of the Airmen within the Air Force District of Washington and our partner units have been contacted with the information necessary to make a contribution. The CFC is nearing conclusion and will end
  • Connecting the World

    Twenty years ago when you needed a phone number you pulled out the base phone book. When you needed to type a letter, you walked over to the typewriter and painstakingly typed one up, and if you needed to send a message to another base, you typed a DD Form 173 and took it to the Base Communications Center. Today, everyone has access to computers on
  • Do unto others

    Not long ago a young Airman asked for my thoughts on leadership. I figured he wasn't expecting a detailed explanation on what style or combinations of styles I use and why I use them. So, I searched for a concise answer to deliver maximum impact with the fewest words. I said, "Golden Rule." He gave me an inquiring look my cue to continue. "My
  • Getting your finances in order

    All too often we in the Air Force do not talk enough about money. As a first sergeant I am charged with ensuring the Airmen I serve are given the maximum amount of information as possible. As a part of my initial meet and greet with members assigned to my unit we discuss finances and not just, "Are you saving?" or "Can you afford to pay your