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  • Wounded Warriors teach Airmen about healing

    There is little difference from others when we air Airmen get up, put on the uniform, kiss our spouses, and go to work. Yet, few can say they feel more energized when they leave work than when they came in. My unit, the 779th Aeromedical Staging Facility at Andrews Air Force Base, is the first welcome-home point for wounded warriors. Some cry, some
  • 11 tips to get fit without the hype

    Physical training is a must for all active-duty military personnel to help maintain high fitness levels, mental acuity and overall health. With that being said, it's also important to understand that it's not just about the hour or two spent in the fitness center. In truth, our overall fitness and well-being are influenced by several other factors.
  • Way ahead includes back to basics approach for AF

    Senior Air Force leaders gathered right here at Bolling Air Force Base to discuss the strategic way ahead for our Air Force Aug. 27. "The summit allows us to identify issues that need senior leader review and decide on matters affecting the entire Air Force," according to Secretary of the Air Force Michael B. Donley, One of the outcomes from the
  • A job or a calling - you decide

    For some of us, in the beginning we may not know. Let's face it, we join the military for many different reasons. Education, travel, or just to get out on our own are all valid reasons. But, why a person enters military service is not as important as why one makes the military a career. I signed up for the delayed entry program before I even got
  • L-E-S-S-O-N Plan can help all-around health

    By following the Wingman's L-E-S-S-O-N Plan, you can achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health. The six healthy habits in the Wingman L-E-S-S-O-N Plan can help prevent and release distress by enhancing resilience. The keys are: leisure activities, exercise, spirituality, sleep, optimism and nutrition. Leisure activities: Doing things that you
  • By the book or buy the farm

    Urban legend says when a jet crashed on a farm the farmer usually sued the government for damages, and the amount demanded was always more than enough to pay off the mortgage. Since this type of crash was usually fatal to the pilot, the pilot pays for the farm with his life. Hence, he bought the farm. This phrase dates back to World War II,
  • Life Insurance Planning: It's your responsibility

    It's important to plan now for the distribution of your life insurance and, if applicable, the payment of the death gratuity. Expressing your wishes as to the beneficiaries of your SGLI and death gratuities is easier than ever, but it starts with you. Your legal assistance attorney can help advise you on wording your designation of beneficiaries,
  • USAF Eagle Eyes: Watch. Report. Protect.

    Have you ever noticed street signs in neighborhoods that say, "WARNING! Neighborhood Watch -- We Look Out For Each Other"? If you have, it's a comforting feeling knowing your neighbors are looking out for suspicious people and activities. It's also a comforting thought to know that all it takes is a phone call to report suspicious events. The Air
  • AFSO 21 is a journey of excellence

    Having served in our wonderful Air Force for quite a while, I've come to realize the words "smart operations" are not new buzzwords, but words that represent a system by which we can transform an entire enterprise. It is about smart changes in the way we think and how we operate in times of rapid transformation. It is about creating an environment
  • Standing on your marks

    Upon completing my immersion briefings and tours, I can report that our wing is standing on its marks. During my introductory discussions with our Honor Guard, I learned about their steadfastness to train for and stand tall on their marks. They explained every unit member, mentally and physically prepares themselves to stand "mission ready" on