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  • Proper respect: It's the right thing

    At 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, the sounds of retreat and the National Anthem can be heard echoing throughout Bolling. This event serves two purposes: one is to signify the end of the official duty day, while the second is to provide a ceremony to pay respect to the flag. The end of the work day is a nice tradition. However, the purpose for paying
  • Safe children leads to strong families

    As we welcome another April, which marks the observance of Month of the Military Child and Child Abuse Prevention Month, it is important for us to reflect on the importance of ensuring a bright future by protecting and nurturing the children in our communities. Supporting, educating and keeping our children safe requires a shared commitment by all
  • Now more than ever

    In these days of rising costs and economic instability, where would you turn to in times of crisis or hardship? It could be the result of expenses involving the unexpected death of a family member such as scraping up enough money to by plane tickets to get home. It could be a shortfall in a budget for unexpected car repairs or loss of income as a
  • Should I salute?

    Bolling Airmen are familiar with the constant changes that accompany their military lifestyle, and with joint-basing nearing, Airmen will see more changes as they work closer with the United States Navy. This may be a bit of a scare to some Air Force members, especially when it comes to distinguishing the Navy's enlisted from their officers. Have
  • Starve the trash can; feed the recycling box

    In the corner of my office cubicle I have a standard trash can and a cardboard box. I place non-recyclable items such as candy wrappers and Styrofoam cups in the trash can. In the cardboard box I place paper, plastic, glass and anything else remotely recyclable. Making the choice to recycle is a matter of personal effort that means taking a few
  • Reflecting on lessons learned

    As a Bolling African American Heritage Month committee member, I have had the opportunity to join a great bunch of folks in promoting February as a time to reflect on the sacrifices our forefathers and mothers made for us to get to this wonderful time of freedom we are enjoying now in today's society. Countless crimes against people of color have
  • Pedestrian, vehicle accidents: Unnecessary mishaps

    Historically, across Bolling the pedestrian and vehicle mishaps have remained low, about one a year, but even that low number is way too high when we consider the possible outcomes. In January, a base employee was struck by a car while crossing a street outside of a crosswalk. Fortunately, the employee was not seriously hurt. Across the nation
  • Money and Relationships: Making them work together

    As a personal financial counselor, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet with many young couples in love who want to start out on the right foot by planning their financial goals together. I have also had the unfortunate task of meeting with many individuals who are struggling with the heavy financial burden of a divorce. I don't know how
  • Drill Team visits West Coast

    The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team recently returned from a 23-day trip across the nation and almost the entire length of the West Coast. I had the privilege of travelling with this prestigious division of the U.S. Air Force, and witnessing the stringently high standards the team holds themselves to. The West Coast trip covered more than
  • Presidential pilot wishes Andrews farewell

    With the recent election of a new president, the team at Air Force One will have a new commander and presidential pilot. I will relinquish command to Col. Scott Turner PAG deputy group commander. He will become the presidential pilot for President-elect Obama. As President Bush's pilot I have seen history being made from my perch up in the cockpit