Standing on your marks

  • Published
  • By Col. Jon A. Roop
  • 11th Wing commander
Upon completing my immersion briefings and tours, I can report that our wing is standing on its marks. During my introductory discussions with our Honor Guard, I learned about their steadfastness to train for and stand tall on their marks. They explained every unit member, mentally and physically prepares themselves to stand "mission ready" on their marks during every sortie.

With that thought in mind, our wing has stood its marks through this transition of command. Now; as we move forward to tackle the consequences of joint basing, antiterrorism and force protection relocations, and other priorities associated with our worldwide responsibilities, I'm confident we are postured to execute our extremely influential mission.

I'm grateful for your willingness to quickly adapt to the revised mission and showing me how you link your daily actions into demonstrating superior customer service, precise musical and ceremonial engagement, and expeditionary response. Your enthusiasm for service to others shows in the success of the recent Freedom Fest and all of the Fourth of July celebrations executed by our wing units. Thank you for your dedication, compassion and commitment to your fellow wingman.

Allow me a moment to also thank everyone for warmly embracing Lori and me as your new command team. Our friends and family applauded the beauty of the installation, as well as, the precision of the change-of-command ceremony. You have made us feel welcome. We are grateful for your kind actions. We look forward to serving each of you with that same humility.

As we settled into our quarters last week, we quickly learned this base is more than a workplace. It's a home to heroes throughout history. In days of brightest hopes and through the nights of darkest despair, no Airmen on this soil ever backed down in the face of overwhelming odds. Everyone adapted to the challenges others called impossible and succeeded. This is what it means to be a Bolling Airman. Regardless of rank, military Airman or civilian patriot, we are "The Chief's Own" and represent the fighting spirit of America's flying legion.

One final thought; please mark July 25 on your calendars to come out to the ceremonial lawn to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Bolling Field. We will perform a military tattoo ceremony and conclude with a good ol' ice cream social. Bring your families as our Airmen recapture the spirit of generations who defended our skies and gave their all for their country just as our military carries on the legacy of service in distant lands in unfamiliar skies today.