Now more than ever

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Brian Swain
  • 11th Operations Group
In these days of rising costs and economic instability, where would you turn to in times of crisis or hardship? 

It could be the result of expenses involving the unexpected death of a family member such as scraping up enough money to by plane tickets to get home. It could be a shortfall in a budget for unexpected car repairs or loss of income as a result of a spouse losing his or her job. 

The question of where to turn to is a reality for many Airmen. It could be the Airman you work with, it could be the Airman you supervise. It could be you. 

Each of us has the opportunity to be a part of the answer to that question by supporting the Air Force Assistance Fund. The AFAF is Airmen taking care of Airmen through four charities: The Air Force Aid Society, Air Force Village, Air Force Enlisted Village, and the General and Curtis E. LeMay Foundation. 

The Air Force Aid Society provides interest-free loans and grants for Airmen during emergency situations involving food, rent, utilities, car repair, transportation, and certain medical and dental care. The other three charities provide financial aid and in certain cases housing for widows of Air Force personnel who have no other place to turn. 

Every Airman will be contacted by their squadron key worker between now and April 26.
For more information, call Chaplain (Capt.) Brian Swain at (703) 607-8956 or by email at