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  • Sexual assault prevention: moving beyond awareness

    Every April since 2001, the nation has focused its attention on sexual assault awareness and the impact this crime has on those who have experienced it. This year, the Department of Defense deliberately renamed the annual effort Sexual Assault Awareness and PREVENTION Month. I want to take this opportunity to share with you how the Air Force is
  • Overcoming failures

    You will fail. The question is, how will you respond?This reminds me of a parable of the carrot, egg and coffee.A senior airman was distraught when he learned he did not make staff sergeant after his first time testing. His staff sergeant supervisor saw a teaching opportunity and the next day he filled three pots with water and placed each on a
  • The Air Force issued me my 'kids'

    While I've decided to live the child-free lifestyle, the Air Force, in its infinite wisdom, saw the need to issue me two kids. They are both straight out of technical training and brand new to the Air Force -- and one is still too young to accept an adult beverage.Let's be honest: As children do, they totally cut into my "me time."In all
  • Asking for help is sign of strength not weakness

    Growing up I was a big fan of Muhammad Ali. He was the world heavyweight boxing champion and unashamedly referred to himself as "The Greatest." I vividly remember a reporter asking Ali, "When did you know that you were 'The Greatest?'" Before Ali could answer, the reporter offered, "Perhaps it was when you knocked out George Foreman in 1974?"Ali
  • 'To the Colors'

    Beginning Monday, Nov. 17 at 7 a.m., after the sounding of Reveille, another bugle call will play. This may not be familiar to those who have been assigned to Joint Base Andrews for a while.That bugle call is named "To the Colors," and is sounded to pay honors to our nation, flag and service members who served before us in similar fashion to the
  • AFDW/CC establishes hotline

    Our Airmen are our most valuable resource. When you aren't able to focus on your mission, you aren't able to operate at 100 percent. I want to help ensure each and every one of you is able to focus on mission accomplishment.When you are facing a hurdle that is distracting you from accomplishing the mission, and you aren't able to resolve this
  • Airmen Powered by Innovation program launches new site

    Fellow Airmen,Your enthusiasm and ingenuity continues to be our Air Force's number one weapon system! In April of this year we launched the Airmen Powered by Innovation program aimed at turning your ideas into real cost savings for our Air Force. Since coming online API has received and reviewed more than 2,400 ideas and that number continues to
  • How did we lose this young Airman?

    She was an Airman Leadership School distinguished graduate, earned staff sergeant her first time testing, received all 5s on her enlisted performance reports and took part in two deployments. Clearly she was a high-performing Airman.But, in her words, the Air Force had made it clear it didn't want her. Huh?I have proudly served our Air Force all of
  • Online vigilance helps reduce risk

    I received at least five emails last week warning me to secure my social media settings and be aware of what I post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Why? Do you not like to see what I had for dinner last night? Too many #selfies? Are photos of my dog eating a Popsicle offensive? (In my defense, he's a really awesome dog.)No. The warning is
  • Airman wages war against breast cancer

    "You have cancer." The three words no one, no matter their age, wants to hear. I happened to receive these words at the age of 29.Though I knew from the moment I found the lump in my breast it was cancer, I was in no way prepared to hear those words Oct. 4, 2013, -- the day that forever changed my life.Breast cancer runs in my family. Both my