AFDW/CC establishes hotline

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Darryl Burke
  • Air Force District of Washington Commander
Our Airmen are our most valuable resource. When you aren't able to focus on your mission, you aren't able to operate at 100 percent. I want to help ensure each and every one of you is able to focus on mission accomplishment.

When you are facing a hurdle that is distracting you from accomplishing the mission, and you aren't able to resolve this through your chain of command or other helping agency, I want you to come to me by e-mailing

While I encourage you to use this hotline to bring your questions and concerns to me, I expect you to follow proper protocol. If there is an organization on base with manpower dedicated to solving your problem, give them the opportunity to do so. First sergeants, commanders, and supervisors want to help, so please let them try. 

When I'm working to resolve your issue, the first question I will ask you is if you have attempted to resolve your problem through the proper channels, starting with your chain of command. If you have tried and have had no luck, or if you don't know how to proceed further, I'm here to help you find resolution.

I will do my best to maintain your privacy; however, as I'm working to address your problem or concern I might have to share information contained in your email with others. This may include your chain of command; the Inspector General; the DOD Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline; Congress; Military Equal Opportunity; civilian personnel; safety; and other such agencies.

You can email me your concerns at

Let's work together to make Air Force District of Washington a great place to live and work.