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  • Air Force District of Washington honors Vice Commander, Colonel J. Scott Chesnut.

    Air Force District of Washington said farewell to Vice Commander Colonel J. Scott Chesnut on June 15, 2007 after serving nearly 25 years of Air Force service culminating with his tenure as Vice Commander of AFDW and the Air Force National Capital Region. "I have been blessed by God with nearly 25 years of exciting Air Force service," said Col.
  • 11th Wing conducts joint CBRNE exercise

    The 11th Wing conducted a training exercise in conjunction with a Marine chemical biological incident response force June 12 in the abandoned housing area on Bolling. More than 300 members of the 11th Wing, Pentagon military personnel flight, Navy and Coast Guard, augmented by more than 100 Marines from a CBIRF unit from Indian Head, Md.,
  • Communications Airmen setting new standards

    Outstanding Airmen and Leaders - that's the order of business for the 844th Communications Group, and its latest round of award w\inning performers. Five members of the 844th CG were recognized Friday by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1946 with roots dating back to the American
  • TAPS volunteers help honor family heroes

    Most of the children are playing and laughing with those around them, while others are writing or coloring quietly. But a few are sitting alone, unable or unwilling to engage anyone at all. An air both of excitement and grief pervade the rooms, as old friends meet again and new arrivals watch shyly, hoping to make a friend or two. Here, the new
  • 579th MDG welcomes new commander

    The men and women of the 579th Medical Group welcomed Col. Dennis L. Oakes as the new 579th MDG commander during a ceremony on the U.S. Air Force Ceremonial Lawn May 25. Colonel Oakes takes the reins from Col. Brenda J. McEleney. Colonel Oakes comes to the 11th Wing from the Air Force Surgeon General's Modernization Directorate, and is originally
  • Bolling to offer bus transportation to and from Anacostia Metro Station

    Beginning May 29, Bolling and Anacostia Annex will offer free bus transportation to and from the Anacostia Metro Station. From 6 to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 6 p.m., three shuttles will transport federal employees from the Anacostia Metro Station to nine locations on Bolling and Anacostia Annex: Building 168, Anacostia child-development center,