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  • Macy's Aims High

    Sunset, Air Force memorial, and the U.S. Air Force Band! The gathering crowd prepared for a memorable evening, the band prepared for a special announcement.After the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard presented the colors, Air Force leaders and Wesley Whatley, director of the band program for the Macy's Day Parade, approached the microphone."We're here
  • A Time to Tell: One Air Force Couple's Story

    Before 2011, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' kept everyone in the dark. If a service member was gay, they held on to that secret tighter than a tourniquet on the battlefield, or risked discharge.According to Department of Defense Directive 1304.26, issued Dec. 21, 1993, military personnel were prohibited from discriminating against or harassing closeted
  • Higher Calling

    Glorifying God, serving Airmen, and pursuing excellence is the vision statement of the Air Force Chaplain Corps. The Chaplain Candidate Intensive Internship program will guide 2nd Lt. Steven Davis along the journey to that vision.Davis, a Washington native, began his Air Force story pursuing an education in religion while on active duty for 17
  • 75 Years of Musical Excellence

    On the occasion of The United States Air Force Band's diamond anniversary, we are delighted to offer this sonic sampling from our historic recordings. From the dawn of World War II, Airmen musicians have raised morale at home, entertained troops abroad and honored those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. On behalf of The United States Air Force
  • WATCH--Interview with Composer John Williams

    As The United States Air Force Band approaches its seventy-fifth birthday, we wanted to share an interview with one of The U.S. Air Force Band program's most impressive alumni.John Williams, one of the most popular and recognizable American composers of our time, recently sat down with Col. Larry H. Lang, commander and conductor of The Air Force