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AFDW Support to U.S. Transportation Command

AFDW provides First Sergeant support, A1, Finance, Legal, SAPR and EO support to Airmen assigned to U.S. Transportation Command. To seek support not provided by AFDW, click here


•GCMCA, DAFI 51-5 SecAF delegates authority to the AFDW Commander to exercise general, special, and summary court-martial convening authority; actions under Article 15, UCMJ; administrative actions where the approval/waiver authority is identified as a major command commander
•Functional Awards


•The AFELM program is designed to ensure proper funding and support is provided to personnel not assigned to AF organizations; including en-route support to AFELM positions
•Program funds AF mandated requirements. Direct Support:--Per Program Guidance Letter with SAF/AAR, AFDW/FM provides resource advisor support on behalf of SAF/AAR to SOUTHCOM, AF Senior leader  Financial management enlisted functional support
•POC for FM functional award submissions to SAF, Indirect Support: We will help you find your funding POC if other than SAF/AAR and provide funding advice as needed

Equal Opportunity

For more information about the AFDW Equal Opportunity services, please contact the team via phone at (240) 612-6345.


For more information about the AFDW SAPR services, please view the following website:

AFDW First Sergeant

For more information about the AFDW First Sergeant services, please contact the AFDW Worldwide Mission Cell at

A1 Support

•Brig Gen Board Prep
•CMD Screening Board
•Command Training
•Return To Service (RTS)
•Special Trophies & Awards
•Senior Leader Assignments
•Senior Leader AWDs and DECS
•Senior Leader Evaluations
•Sr. Lead. AF Advisor Signature (OPRS)
•Sr. Leader HL AF Awards (LOM, DSM, DSSM)