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  • Team Andrews unites to support inauguration

    Synergy is abundant here as the 11th Wing and mission partners rehearse their roles in support of the 57th Presidential Inauguration slated for Jan. 21 in nearby Washington, D.C. Airmen from every unit here are slated to join members of their sister services in the Department of Defense rehearsal Jan. 13.Members of the United States Air Force Band
  • You've got Base Pride detail

    Under a mid-day August sun, humidity and heat beat down on sticky soda bottles, greasy fast food containers and a seemingly endless number of discarded cigarette butts. Together, these items lie fermenting in the ditch near the Andrews Main Exchange. Armed with a black garbage bag and plastic gloves, Tech. Sgt. Jody Lucas, Base Pride NCO in charge,
  • An Airman's countdown to the Duathlon World Championship

    (This feature is written as a follow-up of the, "MMA Fighter pulls no punches at World Duathlon Championship," story.) Motivation is essential to success.  Team U.S.A. Duathalete David "DeFierro" Perez, a U.S. Air Force technical sergeant who works with the U.S. Cyber Command directorate of logistics at Fort George G. Meade, Md., has it in
  • Airman, MMA fighter, pulls no punches as Duathlon World Championship competitor

    Every step was agony. With the brutal pain of blisters cutting through his feet, amplified by the weight of combat gear and 55-pound rucksack he donned, Tech. Sgt. David Perez recalled feeling almost too engulfed in his own pain and mental struggle to keep moving forward through the last 16 miles of the 2009 Bataan Death March."I was tired, hot and
  • AFDW bids farewell to departing vice commander

    "I am very high on Jeff. Deep thinker; biased for action; steady hand in a crisis; works tough issues with style and class," said (Ret.) Lt. Gen. Loyd S. Utterback, in an archived officer performance report referencing Col. Jeffrey L. Stephenson during a previous assignment.These words still reflect the retiring officer's 27 years of service to the
  • Capital Flyer takes final flight

    After more than seven decades, the Capital Flyer newspaper makes its final flight, ending a rich legacy that dates back to the inception of "The Springboard," the first base newspaper at Camp Springs Army Air Base.As I write this, my last Capital Flyer entry, I do so with mixed emotions. I'm excited about the future and how the 11th Wing Public
  • Retiring commander reflects on career, family, faith

    After serving more than 25 years on active duty, Col. Ken Rizer, 11th Wing/Joint Base Andrews commander, is slated to retire in a ceremony here on July 6. Surrounded by friends, family members and fellow coworkers, Rizer's dual retirement and change-of-command ceremony will commemorate his extensive Air Force career and highlight the many
  • Team Andrews Airman helps brings cash flow back to Iraq

    In August 2010, President Barack Obama announced the end of the combat mission in Iraq. In December 2011, images of the last U.S. servicemembers leaving the country flooded the media. But they weren't the last to leave. A handful of U.S. servicemembers, alongside a strong U.S. and international contractor presence, remain in the country to live and
  • MANning the Homefront links male military spouses

    It has been said that spouses have the toughest job in the military. They support the military member and their children through frequent moves, long spans without their significant other due to deployments, and even learn a new language filled with acronyms, "hooahs" and the occasional "roger that."Military wife's clubs have been around since the
  • 744 CS's Airmen Motivation Program 'amps' up fellow service members

    What could motivate you to wake up at 4:30 a.m.? Is it free food? A guaranteed spot in the HOV lane? The ever-dreaded mandatory unit formation? For most, it would probably take much more than mental fortitude to relinquish the comfort of warm bed sheets before the sun is up. But for some, the thought of waking up at 4:30 a.m. isn't even a thought