AFDW&You: Meet Tech. Sgt. Tiffany Ransic

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  • Air Force District of Washington

The Air Force District of Washington encompasses more than 30,000 Airmen in 1,758 units stationed at 500 locations in 108 countries. AFDW Airmen execute varied missions around the world alongside service members and civilians from different Air Force major commands, joint units and international organizations. AFDW will highlight Airmen in these unique missions in an “AFDW &You” series.


Meet Tech. Sgt. Tiffany Lynn Rasnic:

The Airman: Tech. Sgt. Tiffany Rasnic, NCO in charge of personnel programs at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Her hometown is Storrs, Connecticut.

The job: She is the senior enlisted advisor to the college’s Air Force element commander serving as the sole source of personnel support to the 91 Air Force members currently attending the school and the acting first sergeant for the entire Air Force element.

The highlights: Her leadership recognizes her as the heartbeat of the college’s Air Force element for taking excellent care of the leadership team, faculty and staff’s personnel and personal matters on a day-to-day basis.

The challenges: The biggest challenge Sergeant Ransic has faced, she says, was finding her own voice as the only enlisted member working exclusively among field grade officers.

The lessons: Sergeant Ransic says this job has taught her that no matter what rank or job you have, there is always an opportunity to mentor or educate Airmen.

The hobbies: She writes screen plays when she has free time, but mostly focuses on her final classes for her bachelor’s degree. She is working hard to stay on track for a March 2020 graduation.