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  • AFW2 Announces Team Air Force for Warrior Games 2021

    The Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program is proud to announce the 2021 Air Force Warrior Games team. A team of coaches and staff selected 45 primary and 15 alternates, a combination of active duty, Guard and Reserve Airmen and veterans, after their 2021 Virtual Air Force Trials competition. The 45-person team will go on to compete at the
  • AFDW Contracting Directorate focuses on communication, transparency, predictability at Industry Week

    Air Force District of Washington’s contracting directorate hosts an annual Industry Week to let companies know what the needs of the government are. This year, the event was April 13 -16, and contracting squadrons from the 11th Wing at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and the 316th Wing at Joint Base Andrews participated. The event organizers
  • Celebrate military children in April, year round

    JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas -- Each year, communities worldwide look to April as an important month for children who have one or both parents or guardians serving in uniform. Considered the military’s youngest heroes, in many ways children serve too. That’s why we honor them during the observance of Month of the Military
  • Promotion ceremony reunites family

    Col Chelsea Bartoe, who serves as Judge Advocate General Corps Investigations, Inquiries, and Relief division chief in the Military Justice and Discipline domain at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, brought her promotion ceremony hundreds of miles to Minnesota in order for her family to participate.
  • AFDW member candidly recounts suicidal ideation, recovery 

    One year ago, March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. The world shut down as people lost loved ones, became separated from their families, workplaces and friends with no idea when the nightmare would be over.The effects of this pandemic affect us all in different ways. Many of us have
  • The Air Force seeks to accelerate efficiency

    As modern warfare continues to evolve, the Air Force has renewed its focus on maintaining secure fuel networks and optimizing operations for maximized combat capability. Over the past year, the Air Force Operational Energy office targeted specific initiatives that aim to increase operational efficiency, incorporate modern technology and processes, and improve sustainment. Furthermore, these efforts have an added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a critical aspect of the Secretary of Defense’s climate change prioritization. Read the breakdown of our latest accomplishments and how we’re bringing 21st century energy solutions to the Air Force.
  • AFDW, medical leaders champion vaccine rollout program

    The Air Force District of Washington vaccination program is successfully underway at Joint Base Andrews and Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. AFDW is prepared to rapidly expand distribution capabilities as vaccine supply increases to support partner organizations, tenant units, and geographically-separated service members within the National Capital Region.
  • All services including Department of the Air Force to furnish adverse information to officer promotion boards in designated grades, circumstances

    The Department of the Air Force announced it is establishing policy to comply with the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2020 and newly released DoDI 1320.14 requiring all services to furnish adverse information to promotion boards considering officers for promotion to the regular grades of O-4 and above, and to all reserve active status promotion boards to the grades of O-6 and above.
  • AFDW&You: Meet James Patrick Hegarty

    The Air Force District of Washington encompasses more than 33,000 Airmen in 1,758 units stationed at 500 locations in 108 countries. AFDW Airmen execute varied missions around the world alongside service members and civilians from different Air Force major commands, joint units and international organizations. AFDW highlights Airmen in these unique missions in its series, “AFDW&You.”
  • Air Force signs lease for LEARN Charter School on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

    The U.S. Air Force signed a leasing agreement Jan. 26 allowing the LEARN D.C. Charter School to operate on Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling beginning with the 2021-2022 school year.