844th Communications Group ensures communications for National Capital Region Warfighters

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Matt Davis
  • Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
Communication is the foundation of any successful mission and is an irreplaceable tool for today’s warfighter. The 844th Communications Group ensures clear and continuous communications for the Nation’s senior leaders across the Nation’s Capital Region (NCR) and worldwide.

The group provides cyber operations, executive support, and contingency response to Airmen throughout the NCR, including the Air Force District of Washington (AFDW), and a variety of DoD agencies globally.

"We provide communications and information technology support for some of the highest leaders of our government," said Col. Rocky Favorito, 844th Communications Group commander and Air Force District of Washington Communications (A6) Director. "Some of the senior leaders and agencies we support include the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF), the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and their deputies and vices. We also support all of the Air Staff at the Pentagon including the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Air Force on down through the entire Headquarters Air Force staff."

Airmen and civilian personnel from the 844th CG manage communication support for over 20,000 customers. National Capital Region computer networks, security sensors for base defense, Pentagon information systems and even cable management for the service are not possible without experts within the 844th CG.

“They are hardworking, dedicated, highly skilled, resourceful Airmen and civilians,” said Mrs. Celeste Booth, AFDW/A6 and 844th CG deputy director. “We are a group of Type-A people who will do whatever needs to be done to ensure the mission continues.”

The group also has special missions supporting senior leaders by providing mobile communication as the SECDEF Communications Executive Travel Team and the National Military Command Center.

“We do everything from communications, power, HVAC, furniture and coordination for the National Military Command Center mission,” said Favorito. “The National Military Command System is used by the President of the United States on down to the combatant commands.”

Another unique aspect of the 844th CG is its dual responsibility as the A6 directorate within the 320th Air Expeditionary Wing. The 320th AEW is activated within AFDW when support is required for high level events in the NCR.

“If any events happen in the NCR, man-made or a natural disaster, that’s when the AEW kicks in to gear and the A6 becomes a key component providing communications support to that mission,” said Favorito. “We’re the Air Force component within the Joint Task Force-National Capital Region for any communication services needed for senior leadership and air staff.”

Airmen and civilian personnel from the 844th CG are a critical link for communications between senior military leaders and the warfighter. Maintaining constant, and reliable defense communications within the NCR and globally is a no fail mission for the 844th CG.

“It’s not an easy mission taking care of our senior leaders in the Air Force and in the DoD, but our folks do it and do it well,” said Favorito.

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a five part 844th CG mission series.