Green Dot Implementers coined.

  • Published
  • By Melanie Moore
  • 79th Medical Wing
Green Dot is a civilian program adapted by the Air Force to help reduce the amount of interpersonal violence through a culture change strategy. More specifically though, a Green DOT is a single moment someone takes to perform a simple act to prevent an act of interpersonal violence.  Stalking,
Dating/Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault are the three topics we cover in the training.  So far, the 79th Medical Wing (79 MDW) has trained 90 individuals.

"The program provides our Airmen with knowledge and tools to prevent interpersonal violence even when faced with barriers," said Master Sergeant Mindy Sarrett, 79 MDW Green DOT Implementer. "Some of our original Implementers are PCSing and we have put a call out for more Senior NCOs or officers to join us.  To become an Implementer you must attend a 3-day training course held by Green DOT.  The next one here at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) is in August.  Anyone interested should contact Master Sgt. Millicent Cavazos (779 MDG) or Capt. Brittany Malover (579 MDG) as soon as possible."

The Green DOT website, where you can find more information is located at