Recycling Center keeps JBA green

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Ryan J. Sonnier
  • 11th Wing Public Affairs
The recycling center reminds Team Andrews that recycling is not only an Air Force requirement, but also a Department of Defense obligation.

"Installation recycling programs remain important in several ways; they ensure we address requirements to meet solid waste diversion goals," Col. Dean Hartman, Mission Support Group commander, said. "They demonstrate sound environmental stewardship and prove that the DoD enterprise is an active stakeholder in addressing the sustainable practices and the prudent use of resources."

For Timothy Hammond, JBA Recycling Center site manager, the Green Procurement Program is the most important initiative to the JBA community. It mandates that units purchase products made from recycled materials, along with environmentally friendly products, energy and water efficient products, alternate fuels, and alternate hazardous or toxic materials.

"The importance of reaching these goals benefits the Andrews community by reducing the cost of solid waste disposal," Hammond said. "The program also shows the civilian community that Andrews is committed to working with them to reduce waste generation - extending the life of the local landfill."

The recycling center accepts the following: scrap metal, plastic and glass containers, metal food and drink containers, cardboard, lead acid batteries, expended brass ammunition, used oil, and office paper to include books, magazines and newspaper.

"We encourage members to contact us if they need additional bins, signs or education on how the recycling program works," Hammond said. "Our estimated cost avoidance through recycling is $1 million."

The materials collected at the JBA center go to various facilities in the area and overseas. The cardboard and paper typically go to paper mills in Virginia, plastic and glass go to the local materials recovery facility, and metal goes to Baltimore.

JBA also participates in the annual Earth Day, an event intended to raise awareness and inspire people to take action to address environmental issues and problems.

"During Earth Day week, we have planted trees, cleaned up creeks and community outreach to local schools," Hammond said. "We also participate in America Recycles Day in October, highlighting the recycling program, alternative energy, composting and environmentally friendly chemicals."

The recycling center is available to those with base access and is located at 3350 Celmer Lane.

For more information on keeping JBA green, contact the recycling center at 301-981-0644.