AFDW Capital Airman: Calvin Brown

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  • By Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
Calvin Brown, is a National Capital Region network chief information security officer, is an Air Force District of Washington Capital Airman. Brown, an Air Force Reservist, joined the AFDW staff in November 2014.

What Reserve unit are you assigned to? I'm assigned to Readiness Integration Organization/Detachment 7 based out of Joint Base Andrews but I fulfill my duty with the Defense Information System Agency at Ft. Meade.

Why did you choose to join the Air Force? After high school I decided to pursue an information technology career in the military, I just didn't know which branch I wanted join. My father in-law mentored me in the right direction -- the Air Force. It was one of the best decisions I've made. I was able to take care of my family, pursue my professional goals, get educated, travel, and connect with people from different backgrounds. Now, as a member of the civilian ranks and as a Reservist, I am able to do the same. The Air Force has been great to my family and me!

What is your job and how does that impact the AFDW mission? I work for the Headquarters U.S. Air Force Special Security Office based out of the Pentagon. My job is to oversee the network security posture, create policy and guidance, and ensure we are doing what we need to do to keep the network safe from the adversary.

What has been your most memorable or rewarding military experience? My most memorable experience was at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., during Hurricane Katrina. I will never forget how much damage was caused but I am glad that I was part of a team that was able to help the community in the cleanup efforts. My most rewarding experiences are with my civilian and Reserve jobs. I can honestly say I absolutely love my civilian job and my Reserve job is the best job I have ever had while wearing the uniform.

Is there anything else you would like to add? There are a few thoughts that I find are important to keep in the back of the mind:
-Don't be afraid to grow. Rather, we must not become too comfortable with where we are because when we get comfortable it means we're not stretching ourselves and we're not growing. This falls in line with the core value of excellence.
-Be aware of who, and what, you surround yourself with. The mind is like a farmer's field. If you plant bad seeds (doubt, fear, pessimism, etc.) you will reap bad crops, if you plant good seeds (hope, charity, optimism, etc.) you will reap good crops. The mind, just like the field, has to be watered and have the weeds removed, daily.
-Finally, it's all about community. We rely on each other, daily to get the mission done. We are able to learn from the example of those above us and below us. We are also able to lead by example and teach those above us and below us.