Airmen Showcase CBRN Defense to Joint Leaders

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Matt Davis
  • Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
Andrews personnel partnered with their higher headquarters counterparts to display Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense capabilities here Aug. 5.  The demonstration, hosted by the Headquarters Air Force CBRN Modernization Working Group, gave an overview of Air Force CBRN defense capabilities to Office of the Secretary of Defense and joint leaders who directly influence investment decisions in new CBRN defense technologies.

The event, called the Air Force CBRN Defense Demonstration Day, included demonstrations of capabilities from three Air Force CBRN Defense communities: Aircrew Flight Equipment, Emergency Management, and the Surgeon General.

"The event showcases Air Force-wide CBRN Defense capabilities to the senior leaders who directly impact our equipment modernization efforts," said Allison Van Lare, Air Force District of Washington emergency management program manager.

"Joint Base Andrews, because of its proximity to DoD leadership, is often asked to represent the Air Force in events such as this one. It has been my experience that the personnel here are more than up for that challenge and consistently showcase the professionalism and expertise of Airmen worldwide," said Van Lare.

CBRN demo days are designed to provide these key leaders with a clear understanding of the Air Force operational environment and the unique challenges Airmen face while executing the mission.

Attendees observed demonstrations of aircrew individual protective equipment donning, F-16 aircrew entry, aircrew and ground crew contamination control area procedures, wartime CBRN reconnaissance, CBRN sampling, sample testing, and mobile laboratory capabilities.

"With a better understanding of Air Force CONOPS, capabilities and specific challenges, the attendees can assist the Air Force in obtaining the kind of materiel solutions we need to improve our ability to fly, fight, and win in a CBRN environment," said Van Lare.