AFDW Capital Airman: Tech. Sgt. Tona Landers

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  • By Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
Tech. Sgt. Tona Landers, an Air Force District of Washington Capital Airman, directly supports AFDW leadership every day. As the NCO in charge of the Personnel Management Division, she plays a key role in the administrative mission at AFDW.
Landers decided to join the Air Force shortly after finishing high school, and her family's military background made her decision easier.

"When I graduated High School, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. After working a couple of jobs and taking some classes, I felt the Air Force was the best option for me because I had completed three years of ROTC in high school and was also a military brat," said Landers.

Growing up as the daughter of two Airmen, Landers traveled the world, living in England, Panama and a collection of U.S. States. She claims Portsmouth, VA as home, because that is where she spent the majority of time growing up, said Landers.

After serving more than 20 years active duty, she is now part of the AFDW team and is currently working in the command support staff. Her job is to administer the personnel programs and provide direct support to the commander. 

"When I first came here, I didn't know what AFDW was," Landers said. "But I have gotten the opportunity here to really see what the Air force mission is about and how we impact everyone worldwide."

The highlight of working here is the Presidential support mission and working on Maj. Gen. Darryl Burke's staff. The most difficult part of the job is staying abreast of all the changes dealing with personnel, said Landers.

During her time at AFDW, Landers has gotten to experience many unique opportunities to visit and do things she wasn't able to do at previous bases.

"My most memorable experience here is when I got an opportunity to watch the Washington Redskins practice along with getting close to some of the key players to take pictures," said Landers, a life-long Redskins fan.

Air Force District of Washington Capital Airmen have made a difference in their unit by their outstanding performance. Capital Airmen, selected by AFDW leaders, epitomize the pride, teamwork, and success that drive the AFDW mission.