Installation VAP helps members vote

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Dylan Nuckolls
  • 11th Wing Public Affairs
Americans will be heading to polling booths for several elections in 2016, including primaries, caucuses and the general election in early November.

For service members and their families, that means making sure they're registered to vote in time for the upcoming elections.

One of the main avenues to receive help in the voting process here is the Installation Voting Office.

"The mission is to provide information and assistance for voting registration issues and absentee ballot procedures," said Cheryl Gritton, Installation Voting Office director. "All military and civilian personnel, as well as voting age dependents, contractors and any other civilians who have access to the office [can receive help]."

The voting office can assist members of JBA with every step in the voting process, so that all members need to do is fill in which candidates to vote for, according to Gritton.

"People who decide everything, from where new roads go, to which dogs are scary are elected. People who affect your life every day are elected, so you have to vote for the people who will make your life better," Gritton said. "Voting is the true power."

The voting office is located on the second floor of the Community Commons.

An option for online users is the Federal Voting Assistance Program

The site lists all the information to get through the voting process as well as connect members to their state voting website.

DOD members can also contact their unit voting officers for information.

It is important for members to register to vote and request an absentee ballot because it takes time for local voting offices to process absentee ballot applications and ballots, according to Todd Braun, Installation Voting Assistance officer.

The election in November includes electing the U.S. president as well as 34 U.S. senators, 435 U.S. representatives, 12 state governors and several state and local elections.

For more information, about the Installation Voting Office, visit