Capital Airman Tech. Sgt. Marcie Strickland-King

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Matt Davis
  • Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
Tech. Sgt. Marcie Strickland-King, an Air Force District of Washington Capital Airman, helps uphold legal integrity within the National Capital Region and across the world. Strickland-King is the NCOIC of military justice in the AFDW Judge Advocate Directorate.

The Mississippi native originally joined the military to help pay for school, and her first assignment was to Keesler Air Force Base as a supply apprentice. After successfully completing two assignments in the supply career field, Strickland-King chose to cross-train to become a paralegal specialist.

"While I enjoyed my time as a supply apprentice at Keesler and Fairchild, I wanted to pursue a career that was more aligned with my interests," Strickland-King said. "The paralegal career interested me because I would be able to help people with their legal questions. I was especially excited to learn about the claims process and how to help people design their wills."

More than 15 years later, Strickland-King has excelled as an Air Force paralegal specialist. As AFDW JA's NCOIC of military justice, she currently oversees all paralegal actions conducted by the 11th Wing JA office.

"I get to look at and oversee all the work the 11th Wing JA office is doing. As a Tech. Sgt., my hand touches everything that comes in," said Strickland-King. "For me, it's a big deal because I'm the only one that does that job in AFDW."

Strickland-King continues to enjoy her time in the military and appreciates the positive effect it has had on her family. She is part of a duel military couple which has made her journey with the Air Force even more special. 

"I love being in the military," Strickland-King said. "I'm happy that I get to serve with my husband, and that I am able to expose my three kids to things I didn't get to experience as a child."

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