AFDW announces new global resource

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Esther Willett
  • Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs
The Air Force District of Washington's Manpower, Personnel and Services Directorate recently published a new resource designed to connect AFDW's dispersed customer base with world-class support and services.

The AFDW A1 staff serves approximately 25,000 military and civilian Airmen stationed in over 3,900 elements throughout the National Capital Region, across the United States, and around the world.

"Our customer base is quite broad and extremely varied, and we offer unique services to the different populations who depend on us for personnel support," Ms. Nancy Zbyszinski, A1 director said. "It is important to us that our services are excellent and consistently available, whether you work in the National Capital Region or serve in a deployed location."

Feedback from internal and external customers prompted a new look at current servicing systems and processes.

"We received comments from our outlying customers indicating that they felt disconnected, like they were not getting the attention and information they deserve," Zbyszinski said. "Some of our internal customers mentioned that they felt out of touch with their customer base. They were having trouble identifying and reaching their service members."

In response to the feedback, the A1 directorate has created a new website designed to reach AFDW's world-wide audience with critical information.

"The new site will allow us to communicate faster and more efficiently with our outlying customers," said Staff Sgt. Melissa Klingler, lead designer of the site. "It will also allow our customers to talk back to us and request the information and training they need."

Customers in different time zones will be able to listen to recorded training calls, and will be able to easily find relevant information without having to contact an AFDW point of contact. They can also request to be alerted when new information is added to the site, said Zbyszinski.

"Our team conducted a soft launch which proved very successful," Klingler said. "The site got a lot of traffic, and the analytics allowed us to determine what information is getting the most views which has helped us determine what people need the most."

The biggest challenge has been the initial time commitment to upload all the necessary information, said Zbyszinski. In the long run, the A1 Directorate expects the new site to be a valuable investment.

"The best way to encourage use of this site is word of mouth," Klingler said. "The more customers that warm up to the technology, the more money and time the Air Force will save. You can't break anything, just get in there and explore how this site can work for you."

Check out the new site at the following link: