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Air Force Pentagon Communication Agency restructures under AFDW

BOLLING AIR FORCE BASE, D.C. -- The Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency, commanded by Col. Kim M. Johnson, was realigned under the Air Force District of Washington Wednesday in a ceremony at Bolling.

Maj. Gen. Robert L. Smolen, AFDW commander, served as the presiding official for the ceremony.

"Today, the men and women of the Air Force District of Washington will observe the deactivation of the 11th Communications Squadron, the redesignation of the 89th Communications Squadron under the 89th Airlift Support Group (which will stand up June 19), the redesignation of the Air Force Pentagon Communications Agency under the Air Force District of Washington, and the subsequent activations of the 844th Communications Squadron and the 744th Communications Squadron," said General Smolen.

"Approximately nine months ago, we received additional guidance on the CSAF's (chief of staff of the Air Force's) vision for the AFDW. After several months of hard work the team developed a brief that sold itself to senior leadership. This communications vision is now a reality as a unit. The challenge for all personnel in our new group is to take this opportunity and make a viable and meaningful asset providing beneficial information technology tools to the warfighter," said Colonel Johnson.

The Air Force is looking for more resourceful and efficient ways to conduct business. By changing our mindset and behavior, we can define smarter ways to conduct business across the National Capitol Region, the colonel said.

According to AFDW officials AFPCA will serve as the AFDW's single communication and information service provider in the National Capital Region. Until now, these services were provided by AFPCA, the 89th Communications Squadron at Andrews AFB, Md., and the 11th Communications Squadron at Bolling. AFPCA is the Air Force lead agency for providing communications systems and services for Air Force headquarters, Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Military Command Center and other agencies within the National Capital Region. AFPCA can trace its organizational lineage back to 1951.

As part of the squadron activation portion of the ceremony, the 744th Communications Squadron at Andrews and the 844th Communications Squadron at the Pentagon were established. Lt. Col. Randy Robertson, former 89th CS commander, will serve as the new 744th CS commander. Mr. Paul Boland is the new executive director of the 844th CS. Mr. Boland previously served as the deputy commander of AFPCA.

The realignment of Air Force communications assets will result in a "single Air Force voice" whose main responsibility will be to work joint issues throughout the National Capital Region in support of the Global War on Terrorism, said General Smolen. This reorganization will increase communications reliability, survivability, information capabilities and user support. As a result of this, communications operations will be better by establishing unity of command, function and effort for day-to-day and contingency communications operations throughout the AFDW and Air Force National Capital Region's area of responsibility.

"As a result of this reorganization, there will be enhanced network survivability as well as the enabling of seamless continuity of operations," said General Smolen. "It will eliminate redundancies and maximize interoperability and efficiencies."