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AFDW commander congratulates "Chief's Own" on UCI Results

BOLLING AFB, D.C. -- Air Force District of Washington commander, Major General Robert L. Smolen, publicly congratulated one of AFDW's wings on the "excellent" rating it received in its unit compliance inspection last week.

"The 11th Wing's excellent rating is a fantastic accomplishment that reflects not only on the Wing's great leadership, but also on every member of the 11th Wing team", Smolen said.

He said 11th Wing members really showed how far they have come since last summer when AFDW became fully functional as the single voice for Air Force operations in the nation's capital.

AFDW's new 844th Communications Group and the AFDW/A1 and A8 personnel were also inspected and received a very high satisfactory marks as well. "I am proud of what we've all accomplished in a short time and confident that our new AFDW strategic plan and vision will move us closer to where we must be," Smolen added.

The general even showed gratitude towards the work of more than 100 inspectors who reviewed 7000-plus items before giving the 11th Wing its excellent rating as a baseline to use for improving AFDW's efficiency and effectiveness as it continues to mature as a new command organization.

A unit compliance inspection, or UCI, is a United States Air Force inspection conducted to assess areas mandated by law, as well as mission areas identified by senior Air Force and major command leadership as critical or important to the health and performance of a unit.

Failure to comply with established directives in these areas could result in significant legal liabilities, penalties, or significant mission impact. During UCIs, MAJCOM inspector generals evaluate each common core compliance area, which is driven by law, executive order, or applicable directive.

Examples of Air Force-level core compliance area laws are intelligence oversight, transition assistance programs, voting assistance programs, sexual harassment education and prevention, and homosexual conduct policy.

"I see what you accomplish every day and knew even before the inspection that you are among the best in the world's best Air Force, "Gen. Smolen said to all units inspected.