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Air Force announces offer for Bolling AFB housing privitizaton

Bolling, Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. -- Today the Air Force announced BLB Family Housing, LLC, a joint venture between Hunt ELP, Ltd and Pinnacle AMS Development Company, LLC as the developer responsible for providing up-to-date family housing for military members stationed here. As part of this same agreement, BLB Family Housing, LLC will also own and operate housing units at Langley AFB, VA and Barksdale AFB, LA.

The Air Force will lease approximately 145 acres of land at Bolling AFB to BLB Family Housing, LLC for 50 years and convey the existing housing inventory of 1,343 housing units and infrastructure to the company. The contract calls for the demolition of 786 housing units that were originally constructed in the early 1960s, the construction of 141 new housing units, and the renovation of 24 units. All renovation, demolition, and new construction will be completed within three years.

BLB Family Housing, LLC will be responsible for operations and maintenance of 669 housing units on Bolling. The project provides military members the opportunity to occupy quality housing. Payment of rent and reasonable utility costs will not exceed the member's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Under individual lease agreements, the service members will pay rent and utilities.

The new housing units will consists of a mixture of three and four-bedroom single-family and duplex units. The BLB Family Housing, LLC, project proposal includes a professional property management team, a high level of responsiveness to routine property maintenance, and increased support facilities to include swimming pools, a community center, and sports fields for residents at no charge.

For more information on the Bolling privatization program, contact the Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs Office at 202-449-2222 or the 11th Wing Public Affairs Office at 767-4781.