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Privatization peeks interest at town hall meeting

BOLLING AFB, D.C. -- Housing privatization was the most discussed topic at Bolling's Town Hall Meeting held May 10 at the base technology center.

Col. Thomas J. Carroll, the 11th Civil Engineer Squadron commander, spoke about housing privatization and other 11th CES issues of concern to Bolling residents.

"Housing privatization is a huge deal containing a lot of different issues," said Colonel Carroll. "I'm going to hit on what we think everyone needs to know."

The privatization issue drew many comments from those in attendance the meeting and questions ranged rent to lease issues.

Lease signing is going to be the resident's responsibility, said Colonel Carroll. "We will be there to help out, but you will have a new landlord and it's up to you to take care of the lease," he said

While more than half the meeting was spent on privatization, several speakers from other organizations also spoke about upcoming events.

Linda Elliot, Bolling commissary, discussed changes to the layout of the facility. Changes began with new refrigerators in the produce section and will end with new bakery cases installed by the end of August. New cash registers and self-checkout machines are also planned to be installed.

Lynette Fitzgerald, general manager for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service at Bolling, informed attendees of image upgrades to the Bolling Exchange, and the opening of a Subway and Taco Bell later in the year.

Marsha Johnson, the 11th Services Division, discussed ongoing services available to Bolling residents as well as upcoming events such as a sky-diving trip and NASCAR driving school. She emphasized that admission to the pool will be free this year.

Col. Elizabeth Borelli, 11th Operations Group commander, informed Bolling residents about upcoming U.S. Air Force Band and Honor Guard performances.

Airmen from the 579th Medical Group briefed on several topics; however, the biggest issued discussed was that Bolling does not have an emergency department. The ambulances on base are for basic life support only.

About 300 Bolling residents attended the town hall meeting. Some residents sat at the technology center, while others were redirected to the community center, where audio and video feeds were hooked up.